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Learn About Various Sink Materials

Learn About Various Sink Materials


Learn About Various Sink Materials

by Scott Rodgers

Mostly you will find stainless steel sinks in homes. However, sinks are also made up of are porcelain or enamel over cast iron, granite, composite stone, fireclay and copper material.

The reason for popularity of stainless steel sinks is its durability and easy maintenance. They are also not much expensive to purchase. Stainless steel sinks can withstand hot water as well as cold water. The second number in the list of durable material used for manufacturing sinks is of porcelain over cast iron.

In market, you will find a good variety of porcelain sinks having different colors and patterns to choose from. These sinks can also withstand both hot and cold water similar to stainless steel sinks.

One downside of using a porcelain sink is that it is more susceptible to damage as compared to stainless steel. Enamel over cast iron gives an appearance that is similar to porcelain. Enamel sinks are less costly when compared to porcelain but are not very long lasting.

Beside them, other materials used for making sink are: Granite, composite stone and fireclay. Sinks made of these materials are strong and durable. But one biggest drawback of using them is that they need lots of care. Composite sinks however can be easily cleaned but can not resist stains to much extent. Copper sinks give your kitchen a rich look.

Stainless steel sinks are the easiest sinks to care for. A strong rubbing with any cleaning agent can give a sparkling surface to a stainless steel sinks. Porcelain is also easy to maintain but may require some amount of stain removal from time to time.

For maintenance of a stone sink, you need to use stone cleaner solution. A stone sink should always be used in polished state otherwise there are chances that salt, lime and detergent could get trapped inside the pores of the stones.

When copper metal come in contact with the environment, it generates a layer over it which gives it shinier look. However, for a copper sink you need regular maintenance and cleaning to preserve its beauty.

About the Author:
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