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LCD TV Buyers Guide

LCD TV Buyers Guide


LCD TV Buyers Guide

by Michael Hiltone

Lcd Televisions are now the most popular type of television screen and one that is supported by all television manufacturers.

The ever changing and fluid nature of a picture is a constant challenge for any television and this is how an lcd television does it.

At the rear of an LCD television is a backlight which shines through the LCD panel. To create the different timbres and contrasts of colour, the LCD panel must be able to restrict the amount of light passing through.

The cylindrical property of a crystal allows light to flow freely through it. The twisted property allows light to be restricted. By passing a current through the crystal this creates a tightening effect which restricts the flow. Therefore increase current for dark pixels; decrease flow for light.

As regards creating colour the pixels are subdivided into three coloured crystals based on the primary colours. The interaction between these red, green and blue crystals produces the lcd televisions colour palette or the lcd tv`s contrast ratio!

The lcd television panel is made up of two polarized pieces of glass called mother glass. They are polarized to create further focus for each individual pixel to give razor sharp accuracy as well as create separation between pixels. The internal of one of the sheets of glass is polymer coated to secure the many crystals required in any modern day lcd tv.

The distribution of information through the lcd tv is via a transparent matrix of thin film transistors. This network co ordinates the feed of current through the lcd television panel and thus controls each individual pixel and resultant picture. It must do this rapidly due to the nature of television ie it is constantly moving. This process can be performed upto 100 times a second.

This is an over simplified description of how an LCD works but it does highlight the most important area, as to how the different brightnesss and various colours are achieved. Television manufacturers are currently in development to introduce high performance light emitting diodes which will further focus the brightness and allow greater control over pixels. This more focussed approach will allow a more full disablement of a pixel and help achieve that true black everyone is striving for plus with the use of coloured diodes the colour palette of an lcd television will be further enhanced to achieve even greater subjective contrast ratios.

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