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Las Vegas Investment Property - Odds Are In Your Favor On REO Properties

Las Vegas Investment Property - Odds Are In Your Favor On REO Properties


Las Vegas Investment Property - Odds Are In Your Favor On REO Properties

by Eddie "Double Down" Dean

In these days and times, there are many instances of people taking loans to buy property and being unable to pay back the mortgage. This is where the lenders are left with properties that they have to re-possess from the defaulting buyers and then sell it through a loss mitigation department. These repossessed properties are known as REO properties and cannot be auctioned openly on account of which these are sold at rates much lower than market rates. Given the vast selection and choice available, investors can have a gala time looking at acquiring such Las Vegas investment property.

One of the aspects of REO properties is that there is no equity, which means that it cannot be auctioned off. Certain risks are associated with REO properties especially if they are taken in an 'as-is' condition. This type of Las Vegas investment property has generally been taken up as repossessions by lenders when borrowers default on their mortgage payments. Lenders are generally not interested in bearing management costs and holding costs on such property. They just wish to recover as much of the money they have lost on a failed loan as they can. Which is why they are willing to sell off the re-possessed property at rates that are below what the market wants for the property.

REO properties could be foreclosed, but the key issue here is that they cannot be auctioned. These also lack essential disclosure purposes and liability releases as they were taken from the buyer to the bank. The only reason the lender does not have any liability on these properties is because they do not have a hold on the buyer which not only compels them to list it with local real estate agents but also sell it off at lower prices, given the fact that holding properties for long periods of time is quite counterproductive and costly too.

Banks have a responsibility of the upkeep of REO properties and are a drain on the finances of the back. This is one of the main reasons as to why banks are willing to sell them in as 'as-is' condition with the requirement that one thoroughly inspect the property to know the rehabilitation costs. It is true that for every single day that a property lies vacant, the bank has to spend on it, not to mention the opportunity costs involved.

Lenders are willing to set up special agreements for a buyer's interest to purchase a 'package' of REO's rather than a single property. Lenders have no interest in owning property, and thus usually opt to list their REO properties with a local real estate broker in hopes of a retail sale. Yet with increasing frequency, REO properties are being sold for pennies or dimes on the dollar.

Buyers attempting to buy foreclosed properties will need to understand a few basic principals, because the competition on a well-priced REO can be intense. A well-priced REO will draw multiple offers and your competition may well include professional investors. Buyers can either opt for direct loans or guaranteed loans here. Direct loans are funded directly by the government under its rural housing plan. Buyers are required to pay in cash at the auction and they have little chance to inspect the Las Vegas investment property before purchase, so REO becomes a better option. However the public auction presents the opportunity of some of the best bargains and saves you the trouble of dealing directly with the lender, jumping through their hoops.

About the Author:
Eddie Dean uses Las Vegas rental properties to fuel his desire to become a poker champion. He also tutors individuals on the side about planning for retirement.

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