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Ketosis Diet for Weight Loss

Ketosis Diet for Weight Loss


Ketosis Diet for Weight Loss

by Milos Pesic

Probably some of you have already heard about the word ketosis diet. Still, what exactly does it imply and what are its advantages and disadvantages? First of all, the term ketosis refers to the condition of the human body when it lacks carbohydrates and starts to fall back on proteins, fat and muscle to compensate for energy loss. So, this explains why this diet got the name ketosis diet. In other words, a ketosis diet is a kind of a diet with a low amount of carbs or no carbs at all. Due to the lack of carbs intake in your organism, the brain starts using fat stores because it straightaway needs energy.

There is something that you still don't know, and it is that ketosis is treated by a large number of the medical experts as a bodily crisis. Therefore, it's not only the state of carbohydrate deprivation, but it is also considered as the crisis of the body. So, before you decide to start with a ketosis diet read carefully the above lines. This information is enough to stay away from this diet for good. However, if it's not enough for you, let's see its side effects.

The first among several side effects of a ketosis diet are general fatigue, constant tiredness and similar bodily malfunctions, which occur simply as a consequence of not having enough glucose in your body. Besides, it can do permanent harms to your liver and also destroy muscle tissue. And this is just the beginning. There is more.

Taking into consideration the effects of a ketosis diet, you probably won't be able to follow even the easiest workout regime. And as we all know, it is essential to exercise if you want to lose weight. What is more, you feel tired all the time, you can't do exercises because you don't have sufficient energy. You are very limited in choosing what kind of food to eat and what to avoid. What happens next is that your body uses its fat as a last resort for energy source.

Therefore, you start to starve which is considered in many aspects a sort of sickness. It can leave serious consequences to your body and your health. Due to that, you should really take all these things into consideration before you decide to start a new "promising" diet. To be brief, ketosis diet is not a pleasant process at all.

There are so many various options and healthy diets which can provide a better lifestyle. Therefore, you shouldn't accept rigorous and dangerous ketosis diets as your alternative for losing weight.

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