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Keeping The Beauty And Value Of Tree

Keeping The Beauty And Value Of Tree


Keeping The Beauty And Value Of Tree

by Keith Markensen

A shade tree is not worth much, nor can you appreciate it no matter how beautiful, if it is constantly attacked by insects or injured by hard-to-control diseases. Some trees need relatively little spraying, while others need so much that many people cannot afford or are not willing to do it.

This fact is likely some day to make the Maidenhair tree (Ginkgo biloba) one of America's most commonly used shade trees; it can be said that, at least at present, the Ginkgo has no insect or disease troubles. This is true of very few trees in America.

Use as a Frame

Another important function of trees is the framing of some particular object - your home, your garden, or, frequently, a beautiful distant view. Just as we frame a picture to help hold the observer's attention to a certain small area, so we use trees in strategic locations for the same purpose. It is a must that we frame our homes from some point or points along the sidewalk, street or entrance driveway; in the rear of a property, trees can, if you wish, frame the beautiful garden picture that you have developed.

Choose Trees Carefully

As there is much information about trees available in books, government publications, newspaper and magazine articles, the web, etc., you can and should study the characteristics of any that interest you before purchasing or planting them. The correct way to choose a tree is first to decide what kind of a job you want it to do, and then start looking for one that will most completely fill those requirements.

Too many of us have in the past purchased trees that are best indoor trees that we liked for some reason or other and then attempted to find places for them on our properties. As a result, there are many small properties with too many trees or trees much too large for the house and lot. There are also many trees that have no logical reason for being where they are; instead of adding to the landscape picture, they spoil it.

If your property is too small to hold all the trees that you would desire, the best way to meet the situation is to go occasionally to the places where you know such trees exist and appreciate them for a few minutes. I mean this, for I actually practice this method! The beeches - American and European - are handsome trees, but relatively few people have room on their properties for them.

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