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Jobs for Students

Jobs for Students


Jobs for Students

by Alex Wu

While it is not easy too find jobs when you are not yet graduated from college, you can take chance of the available part time job opportunities. Students actually have many options for part time jobs because many organizations and businesses need flexible staffs to make sure the small tasks and operational activities are done on time. Part time workers help to handle a lot, from the seasonal work loads to the simple day to day tasks. You usually work in shifts or few days in a week so that there is room to manage your other activities. Of course it can be messy without good time management. But if you really consider spending time for value-added activities during your college years, part time job maybe one of the extra 'activities' you should add into the schedule. Well, students can take jobs as follows and consider the advantages and disadvantages:

1. On-campus jobs. You can contact the college employment service to find information about on campus jobs. In many campuses, administrative and other formal jobs are categorized into work study. If you are not qualified for them, then you can find positions at the hostel, kitchen, or others. The jobs do not pay high, but you can enjoy the extra income of your spare time. So why not? Imagine if you work as beverage boy/girl, dishwasher, or others for few hours every day or few days in a week when you usually spend the time for sleeping or gossiping, isn't that a good choice? You earn extra money and you spend the time wisely. Of course the work is usually not challenging, but it is fine because you get some experiences and learn to be responsible. You can always find other jobs.

2. Work Study. Work study is usually job that requires you to work for several hours or shifts in a week at your university. It can be as library staff, clerk, department receptionist, administrative jobs, or others. You usually need to fill the application form provided by the Financial Aid Office at your university to see if you are qualified for work study. The pay is not high, but you have advantages for the flexible hours and the experience. Work study will give you great feel of office environment because the work and surrounding is usually quite formal and well-planned. Also, it is easier for you to manage time between class schedule and work shifts.

3. Off-campus jobs. Off campus jobs maybe the most challenging of all. You have more difficulties in time allocation and work longer hours. The pay is usually higher because the workload is too. But you should take it as a challenge to prove out your credibility and productivity. Off-campus jobs range from many, public relation, department store staff, retail staff, marketer, housekeeper, online jobs, nanny, tutor, etc. The extra income can be considerable since you may also get other benefits from the workplace.

4. Internships. Internships are great for real-work experience. You are not always paid, but it is big advantage to put intern experience in your CV. Discuss with your academic advisor about the available intern programs for your major. Even though you may not get paid, the experience should outweigh the time and effort you spend. And you can still do other jobs while that.

About the Author:
Alex Wu operates a classifieds website that lets people advertise, build groups, and connect. He hopes to create an active environment for businesses to place their jobs.

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