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It's Your Show: Branding Your Name

It's Your Show: Branding Your Name


It's Your Show: Branding Your Name

by Art Basmajian

It is time to flatter yourself and start the process of branding your name. You won't be the first one to do it, but with the right angle and effective systems, you could be one of the successful ones. Take a second to look into your closet - do you have a Dolce & Gabana shirt? Perhaps a Gucci bag tucked away somewhere? These are just examples showing how branding your name can spell success.

Stick to What You Do Best

And branding your name will help folk identify your name with what you can provide, so focus on what you do best, develop that as much as you can, and let the trumpets sound. This is where your success will lie. If you're branding your name to be identified as an expert, you actually have to be true to your word and be able to deliver what you say you can.

It's all about 1st impressions, as well . When folks begin to take your word that you can deliver what you are saying you can and then you're not ready to, that will be branded on to you, too. So build up your prestige first by being good at what you do. For example, when you think of Donald Trump, you think of New York property, and when you think about Stephen King, you right away think of horrific stories, even if you haven't bought property from Trump or read a King book.

You and the Web

Branding your name in addition has never been more straightforward than it is today with all of the advances the net has to offer . You may have your own small nook under your name and be a dot com if you wish it. The cost of having a site name registered will cost you less than dinner at a fine eatery and will last you a lot longer.

As you start creating your online personality, remember to be sincere, fair, and consistent. In other words, your web persona must be a mirrored image of your real life. Not only will being your self be more easy to portray online, it might also be effortless to maintain. In as much as you are a singular person, let this uniqueness shine through in your website, blog, or even forum entries. Other people can induce you, but if you'd like to be valuable in branding your name, you have got to be original.

First Impressions

In branding your name more effectively, you ought to have a 'look' or a 'feel' or a 'sound' that people will recognize as distinctly yours. Like when you see a Mercedes Benz, you will know it from a Honda. Or if you're watching Oprah, you get an idea of what a 'feel' is. If you've ever heard songs by Sting, you may know that he has his very own distinct 'sound' and you can simply identify him as the singer of a song when you hear it. These are the things that are totally unique to these brands, and you want to come up with something that will make people think about you when they see, feel, or hear.

The Ideal

One of the questions that you're going to probably be asking is, why is this such a massive deal? The answer's simple. If you put yourself in the position of somebody who needs to buy something or get a contract for services, would you not rather know whom you are working with instead of just leaving that as an unknown factor? Branding your name is a way of telling folks that this is who you are, this is your expertise. And according to what you know, you are backing up this product or service with your name.

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