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Is Online Courting For Me?

Is Online Courting For Me?


Is Online Courting For Me?

by Alan Bentley

Traditionally, when two people were interested in each other they would go through a process known as "courting." This process was designed so that they could decide whether they should become engaged or not. In modern society, this term is not so much in use, but at one time it was an essential part of the etiquette of socializing.

The process of online courting is a little bit of a misnomer, as in many respects courting is supposed to take place in a public arena. Traditionalists would say that courting should be done with family approval and oversight to a certain extent. Of course these days each one of us is far more independent than we might have been back then and a lot of our lives now is far more private.

Online courting, the process of virtual dating, involves instant messaging, exchanging e-mails, text messaging, even videoconferencing. We're finding that more and more of our lives is being affected by the availability and power of the Internet and we are choosing to jump online at every opportunity, especially as we all seem to have those handily equipped smartphones now.

Did you know that the average duration between a first meeting and an actual agreement to marry is almost 3 years? In addition, they say that there can be almost another two years between the actual proposal and the wedding itself, although this statistic seems to be awfully long, doesn't it?

Those of us who grew up without Internet access can look at the process of online courting and see it as very impersonal. Nevertheless, as the Internet has changed how we live and will continue to affect our lives, technological advancements will mean that we do everything rather differently. This is not to take away from the power of meeting and socializing in the restaurant, coffee shop or cafe, for example, but we will use online activities to plan.

Supervised or arranged marriages are still part of some societies and within these places, online courting is not acceptable at all. In some areas of our modern society, the concept of traditional dating is being welcomed back as many feel that we are getting too far away from our rich cultural values.

Dating services arose in response to the number of hours we spent on a daily basis online and we could question whether they enhance our online courting solutions or not? Remember that the Internet allows us to search for references and resources on all manner of subjects, including dating and we should make sure that we are as best educated as possible.

Our society is changing out of all recognition. We should not lose sight of our old world values though and online courting should augment but not replace our traditional dating heritage.

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