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Is Balanced Diet Good for Weight Loss?

Is Balanced Diet Good for Weight Loss?


Is Balanced Diet Good for Weight Loss?

by Gregg Jones

Which diet you think is the best for weight loss - balanced diet or healthy diet? Article will try to explain which is better to choose and why, and it also will give some comparison between these two diets.

Common opinion of a healthy diet is that it should be balanced because all necessary nutrients are consumed so your body can function normally. It's all true but when it comes to weight loss then it's a bit different.

Healthy diet doesn't have to be balanced and in most cases it is not. Each individual requires different products to feel good or to treat his condition so diet should be personalised to his needs. Similar story is with weight loss diet.

If your plan is to lose weight then your diet should contain lots of protein and tiny amounts of carbohydrates and fat, if any for some. It also should include all necessary vitamins and minerals that are essential for you to be healthy and full of energy.

Balanced diet from other hand is designed to give you all necessary nutrients. In weight loss, where some of nutrients should be cut out or significantly reduced, this rule doesn't work. As an example you can compare it to heart disease patients; to reduce their health risks, instead of balanced diet they're having healthy diet containing specific products that are healthy for them.

How does a healthy weight loss diet look like?

Meals that supply your body with all necessary having no negative impact on your health exist and these you should include in your diet. Remember to stay away from cholesterol rich products and foods.

Fruits and vegetables should be consumed in large amounts. This is the main condition in many weight loss diets. These diet ingredients also will supply you with vitamins A, C and E.

Cereals and breads. This group of products are great for energy, which is important when you're exercising and are physically active. Vitamin B can be sourced from products like cereals, rice, beans, corn and many others.

Dairy products. Dairy products are important sources of with calcium, vitamin D, potassium, vitamin A and B12, riboflavin, niacin and phosphorous which are needed by the body. Since sugar free, low and free fat product versions are available, you shouldn't worry much about including them into your diet.

Fish and meat. Eating meat while you're losing weight is fine until it's white. Both, fish and meat supply you with necessary nutrients; give your energy and vitamins.

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