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Is a Hurricane Preparation Checklist Essential?

Is a Hurricane Preparation Checklist Essential?


Is a Hurricane Preparation Checklist Essential?

by Angie Meza

When the month of June rolls around, many millions of people who live in vulnerable areas around the United States hold their breath at the start of storm season. News organizations tell them that they should compile hurricane preparation checklists and warn everyone not to be complacent, even if recent seasons have been somewhat tame.

Hurricane preparation checklists are essential for anyone who live on the Atlantic seaboard, in Florida or in the Gulf states. These are the areas that are historically troubled by tropical cyclones the most and a very significant portion of the US population is in potential danger.

Your hurricane preparation checklist should be comprehensive and dependent upon exactly where you live. Different areas require different levels of participation. For example, if you live inland near Dallas for example, you will not likely receive the worst effects of a major storm, but if you live on the beach in Miami you are at greatest risk.

Your family should be at the top of your list when you are looking at your hurricane preparation checklist. What will you do when a hurricane watch covers you, as this will directly affect your potential safety. Will you depend upon the strength of the storm for your decision? Talk to family and friends in safer areas now and plot out your routes for evacuation.

You may be planning to leave the area when a bad storm hits, but don't forget that your most valuable asset is your home and it must be included within your hurricane preparation checklist. Anything that is outside that could be blown around should be brought into the garage well in advance. Trim all the trees in the area and fix anything that is loose on the roof of the building.

Put all your disaster supplies on a list and itemize them on your hurricane preparation checklist. Did you know that you will need at least 1 gallon of water for each person who is in your household, for each day that you may be stranded? Now more than ever you would need a first aid kit and at night you will need flashlights and batteries. Invest in a battery operated radio so that you can keep up with what's going on and any food should be nonperishable and able to be consumed without cooking.

Never underestimate the force of wind driven rain and street water when a major storm approaches your home. Invest in hurricane socks before the season starts as these will certainly help you. Within every doorway and affected window you can fit these items snuggly and they are designed to absorb a lot of water. As such, when the storm hits you will not have to worry so much about the level of damage to your possessions and carpet.

We will always have a lot of notice about hurricanes as our weather forecasting system is first class. The hurricane preparation checklist should include a timeline so that you know what to do and how far in advance that you need to do it.

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