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iPhone Themes With Color

iPhone Themes With Color


iPhone Themes With Color

by Thom Yarborough

Bring a dash of color into your iPhone as you download these super cool color based themes that make your iPhone into the sexiest gadget around. The ideas behind these themes are simple but it's the custom icons that add that extra bit of glamour and bling to your phone. Here's a look at some of these funky themes.

Black and White

There's nothing better than the Black and White theme for a cool and retro feel to your iPhone. Try out this one and enjoy the difference with its old world icons that not only create a sense of nostalgia but are also really very good.


There's something about purple that creates a combination of fuzzy excitement and sleek good looks that is always appealing. This theme has the icons in berry purple while the background melts between purple and black colors. Trendy and very sexy.


Daring and every bit outrageous, the red theme lives up to its name and has a slinky look about it with the red icons and the faded out background. A must for those who want to make a style statement with their iPhone.

Liquid Blue

As the name suggests the element of water is very strong in this theme and the swirl of smoke and bubbles in the background creates a distinct blue presence throughout this theme. Icons have a futuristic look.


This theme has the image of a footprint in the sand that almost seems real enough to have been under your feet moments ago. The icons seem as though they're standing upright on the sand and it has a neat black and white color theme.


If hot candy pink is your idea of cool, then this theme is for you. Candy stripes on the background make this an awesome background, really cute and festive, while the icons are a light shade of pink. Pretty as a pink lady cake!

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