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Invacare Wheelchair Parts - It May be Time to Replace Them

Invacare Wheelchair Parts - It May be Time to Replace Them


Invacare Wheelchair Parts - It May be Time to Replace Them

by Nan Bobby

If you, or someone you care for, uses an Invacare wheelchair, you have probably had moments where your chair does not act the way it should. When that happens, have you wondered if you needed to replace any parts, or even get it repaired? Fortunately, many Invacare wheelchair parts are available to purchase online, and you will often find that replacing a part provides a quick and easy solution to the problem.

But how do you know if you need to replace any of your wheelchair parts? There are some common problems that you may experience that can be directly related to faulty wheelchair parts. Many affect the movement of the chair itself, and others can create safety issues if not taken care of. You may need to replace some of your wheelchair parts if any of the following are occurring:

* If the wheelchair seems inclined to tip over backwards, it might be due to unused or broken anti-tippers, a bent frame, or a seating system that is installed incorrectly.

* If the wheelchair does not fold properly, it may also be due to a bent frame.

* If you are having problems with the wheel locks working correctly, it may be due to loose hardware, broken wheel locks, or worn out tires.

* A wheelchair that is hard to push or move may have flat pneumatic tires, a bent frame, or misaligned wheel axles.

While problems using your wheelchair may indicate that repairs are needed, it does not always have to mean an expensive visit to the repair shop. Many Invacare wheelchair parts are easily found online, and you can replace them yourself without much problem. Before this even occurs however, be certain to know everything about your Invacare wheelchair, and become familiar with how each part functions. Learn where you can order replacement parts easily and securely, and always follow the Invacare recommended wheelchair maintenance. With all this in mind, if or when your wheelchair does not function correctly, you will be prepared with the knowledge and information to order the parts you need, and very possibly make a simple repair on your own.

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