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Interval Training

Interval Training


Interval Training

by Cliff Pape

There are a number of helpful ways that can be used to lose weight. Exercising is one of the best ways to burn calories, but the word "exercising" is an incredibly broad word. This is why it is always helpful to look towards specific methods of exercise that will increase success potential. One of these methods is interval training.

What is interval training exactly? As the name states, it is an exercise that alters at different intervals in order to mix low, middle, and high intensity workouts in once session. Some could wonder why this would be a recommended means of performing cardiovascular exercises. Would it not be best to just pick one and stick with it? The reason of interval training being helpful is because it allows you to boost your endurance while you cut calories big time. And these are both goals people want from their sessions.

A common example of interval training entails a treadmill workout that involves walking, jogging, sprinting within the same 20 minute workout session. You would pretty much walk for 30 seconds, jog for another 30, and sprint for 30 seconds more.

Why like this? Because some people could never jog or sprint for 20 minutes straight. By mixing up the workout in the same session, you can include sprinting and jogging with walking in such a way that you get some of the higher intensity level workouts into your 20 minute session

Also, here is a very important point about high intensity workouts. When you are sprinting, your heart rate increases significantly. When this occurs, the number of calories you burn will increase significantly. When you switch to jogging and walking, your heart rate will lower but because you are shortly returning to jogging and sprinting, the heart rate will not drop down to what it would regularly be when walking.

This means you will be at a point where your calories are burning at a really high rate throughout the entire process. Now can you see how effective interval training is? For a great many, the ability to jump one level of intensity to another during the same session can open the doors to getting into the greatest shape.

Obviously, the walk, jog, run method is only one example. You can perform interval training with pretty much any kind of aerobics exercise you wish. The great flexibility makes it possible to be creative with interval training while also losing weight and getting into shape.

Be sure you warm up and cool down prior to starting your interval training session. For example, if you are doing a 20 minute workout, warm up for five minutes before and cool down for five minutes after as well. This mean your overall workouts will have been for 30 minutes, and will result in an effective workout.

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