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Internet And Network Marketing, Can The Two Co-Exist?

Internet And Network Marketing, Can The Two Co-Exist?


Internet And Network Marketing, Can The Two Co-Exist?

by Randy Disert

Internet and network marketing have a great future together. Multi-level marketing used to have an appalling reputation if we think that marketers had to convince their friends and relatives to join their program. Thanks to the Internet, a revolution occurred, and you no longer have to organize house parties and presentations to catch an audience or address total strangers at the supermarket. You can have people join your business by working on a web site alone, without going for the direct approach ever again.

There are plenty of companies that have been successful in combining Internet and network marketing strategies. It all begins with web site design, but an operational web site takes a lot of work to run and optimize, you don't just let things be. What you need to do then is to get high traffic because only with a high number of visitors can you hope to make sales or attract others to join your business. The process is known as lead generation!

If you already have a web site besides your MLM business, you can include a link to this company web site in case the two overlap in terms of business specificity. Internet and network marketing function a lot better when you already have a well functioning site. In case you have to start from scratch, you have to use all the strategies possible to channel good traffic to the network marketing business. Maybe you'll publish newsletters or you'll write articles to improve business exposure; the thing is to actually build a list of subscribers.

In the early stages of development, Internet and network marketing raise many challenges and lots of obstacles. A decent traffic level is built in months. In other cases you only get to see results in a year or so. The great part about online network marketing is that leads are easier to generate. When you have designed a web site, it will be accessed by those web surfers with an interest in the topic. Thus, by definition, web visitors are pre-qualified, meaning that they have an interest in your offer.

With Internet and network marketing, you have one other great advantage: the possibility of automatic follow ups. When someone contacts you for information, you add that person's email to your list of prospects and continue to send news periodically.

About the Author:
Randy Disert is a internet and network marketing expert. By using the same MLM system he uses, you too can succeed in your business.

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