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Interesting Facts on the History of Womens Designer Jeans

Interesting Facts on the History of Womens Designer Jeans


Interesting Facts on the History of Womens Designer Jeans

by Mike Stewart

Blue denim jeans are truly the most popular apparel item in existence today. It seems that practically almost everyone has a minimum of one pair of bootcut, low-rise or skinny jeans in their closet. Yet, jeans haven't always been a staple article of apparel. They have progressed from its early on times of functional apparel to such styles as the extremely popular designer skinny jeans for women.

When you look back to the 17th century denim material was pretty different from what we know it to be. There is various speculation as to whether the fabric came from in Italy, France or England. The main reason for this was the material had two types each with it's roots from a different country.

There were jean fabric and denim material. Denim was essentially a woven material that used both blue and white thread to produce a specific look to the material. Jean material relied only on the blue thread to compose the material. Yet, as years went by the fabric has grown into a cotton weave that was ultimately died with indigo.

It was actually through the California gold rush times that jeans gained significant fame. The miners of that era needed clothing that would stand-up to the day-to-day stress and strain of gold miner. Denim appeared to fit the bill for this industry.

It had been exclusively Levi Strauss who revolutionized denim jeans. They actually made the best fitting jeans of this time. Levi began creating high quality pants for the miners, and later on invented a procedure for reinforcing weak points in the pants with copper rivets. It had been those copper rivets that resulted in the popularity of "Levi," and today that company is one of the biggest selling lines of denim on the market.

Following the gold rush, the jeans phenomenon grew to include the needs of cowboys. Not only did they enjoy the toughness, but additionally loved the way that they looked in the pants. As the years continued soldiers started to wear them when they were off duty.

But, it had been really James Dean who increased the fame of blue denim jeans to a style statement. In his film "Rebel Without a Cause" the denim jeans grew into a symbol of his persona as well as the cutting edge danger that he represented.

While in the 60s and 70s it had been perfectly fine to put on blue jeans for your everyday casual wear. But it had been not until the 1980s that jeans evolved into a more formal article of apparel. This was thanks in part to the fact that upper scale designer denim jeans companies commenced to craft different styled blue denim jeans. Women's skinny jeans with various washes become quite popular. In fact today skinny jeans for women are a go-to item for most women's wardrobes today.

About the Author:
Mike S. has helped many women decide on the sexy, hot jeans for their body type. Whether it's denim from True Religion Clothing or other designers, he'll know what you'll look sexy in. Get F-R-E-E guides, reviews and deals for sexy women's jeans! True Religions Jeans

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