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Instant In-Context Affiliate Links For Blog Posts

Instant In-Context Affiliate Links For Blog Posts


Instant In-Context Affiliate Links For Blog Posts

by Buddy Payne

Perhaps you've come across blogs sporting words within posts which are hyperlinks. Such links are referred to as in-context links. The links may well be ads produced by a piece of code from an ad network. Or they might be links crafted by hand by the post's author. These links may lead to another post within the same blog or to a totally different website altogether. Another possibility is to have links to affiliate products as a way of creating income from the blog.

There is a free WordPress plugin that makes it easy to create these in-context links. The plugin is called aLinks. When you use the aLinks plugin, you can set up a list of keywords with a URL for each keyword phrase. The plugin will then convert every occurrence of the keyword phrase to a link to the specified URL.

As if that's not enough, the aLinks download also includes the Deeper Blog and Amazon Basic add-on modules. The Deeper Blog module improves SEO within your blog by creating a web of internal links. It does so by letting you can choose keyword phrases, for which the plugin then searches through your blog's posts to make links for matching keyword phrases. To aid monetizing your blog, you can use the Amazon Basic module, with which you assign keyphrases to search terms so that it creates links going to an appropriate product.

Once you've downloaded the .zip file, you may well need to unzip it and then rezip it exclusive of the documentation file so it will install successfully via the WordPress dashboard. Alternatively, you can upload the contents of the aLinks folder straight to your web server upon unzipping the package. Consult the documentation file for instructions on how to do this.

Once the plugin is installed and activated, an aLinks menu will appear underneath the standard WordPress menus on the left side of your dashboard. You'll need to go into the settings menu and enter your Amazon.com affiliate ID in order to use the Amazon Basic module.

You can set up your keyword phrases from the 'Keyphrases' menu. The top section of this page is the toolbox, which is useful for finding and editing keyphrases. The next section is a box that shows your current keyphrases, along with the description and type. If you scroll down below that, you will find the forms where you submit the information to add your keywords to the database. Just fill out the information in the appropriate section and click 'Update Keyphrase' to add it. The aLinks plugin does the rest.

About the Author:
Buddy Payne is an active netpreneur. His latest project is a Traffic Ultimatum review site for George Brown's online traffic generation course.

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