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Information On The Different Carpet Cleaning Methods

Information On The Different Carpet Cleaning Methods


Information On The Different Carpet Cleaning Methods

by George Finnegan

When it is time to get your carpets cleaned a lot of times you don't know which way to go. There are many different methods of cleaning your carpets. As well as there will be many different companies offering their methods. So in this article we are going to discover some of the familiar methods in cleaning your carpets.

The first method we will learn is the most familiar method which is known as the shampoo method. This is done simply by applying water and shampoo then agitating it on a machine. This is great as it removes majority of the dirt and oil through the machine.

The next method is more commonly known as the steam cleaning method. This is another very familiar method in cleaning carpets. How it works is that a solution is used to apply to the carpets. Then hot water and steam is used to separate the solution together with the dirt. This is a very effective method of getting your carpets cleaned.

The next method is not is the dry cleaning method. This method utilizes a powder which is then incorporated into the carpet. This causes the dirt and other debris to come up to the top. Then you vacuum up all the powder and dirt and it removes most of the dirt.

Lastly, there is a method which is known as the bonnet method. This is processed by just applying a solution to your carpets. You could then use cleaning pads found on a floor machine which would get the dirt together with the solution. This is another good method with not a lot of drying time needed.

So those are some of the most common options when cleaning your carpets. Depending on your circumstances will assist you in knowing which method to select. Primarily due to some faster drying methods. So select wisely and select the best cleaning company for you.

About the Author:
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