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Improving Your Sight Singing Improves Your Self-esteem!

Improving Your Sight Singing Improves Your Self-esteem!


Improving Your Sight Singing Improves Your Self-esteem!

by Victor King

Are you a student who wants to learn to sing or to sing better? Have you ever wanted to be in a choir? Maybe you are in a choir. Would you like to improve your understanding of how to sing? Have you ever been told when the note goes up you sing higher and when the note goes down you sing lower? That was not very helpful was it?

Do you know that music is actually a precise art? Each note vibrates at its own specific frequency. Not that anyone thinks about frequency when singing, but one does need to sing the right note on demand. Most music does not begin with a singer needing to start singing with out any help from an introduction of a piano, organ, orchestra or some other instrument.

Some people think that if they had absolute pitch then they could be a great singer. Yet how many pieces start out with the vocalist needing to sing a note out of thin air? Even an A Cappella choir gets their note from a tuning fork, a pitch pipe, the piano or some other instrument. You do not often see them start from someone with absolute pitch giving them the note.

Most musicians have relative pitch. This is probably because they learned it. If one knows intervals then one is able to demonstrate relative pitch and one can sight read new music easily with this skill. Typically though when singing one does not think about the intervals unless there is a complicated passage and one needs to study it for a moment to figure out the correct notes to sing.

Singing is an enjoyable thing to do, especially when one is singing at church, expressing praise and adoration to God. Singing is a good way to learn. God says in Col. 3:16 Let Christ's word with all its wisdom and richness live in you. Use psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs to teach and instruct yourselves about God's kindness. Sing to God in your hearts. (GW)

When one understands that music is not just some mystical thing that happens by chance: one can begin to express oneself wisely and joyously

Have you ever heard of tactile learning? Concerning music, it means that you can touch and feel the music. For instance, if you use Curwen hand signs you are seeing, feeling and touching the sounds. In addition, if you use your hand as a staff you are also seeing, feeling and touching the sounds. When you clap the beat or the rhythm, you are feeling the sounds.

Singing is fun, but learning to sing better is also fun. Learning to sing can improve your self-worth. The best way to enjoy a concert is to be in the concert. Moreover, once you learn to sight sing through the more difficult passages of music you will be an asset to your choir. If all the choir members could sight sing it would save time in rehearsals. It would increase your repertoire and allow for longer concerts or maybe more concerts.

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