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Important Tips To Build Your Own Solar Panels

Important Tips To Build Your Own Solar Panels


Important Tips To Build Your Own Solar Panels

by Ben Sparks

Deciding to construct and build your own solar panels will be much easier if you have a plan in place and have done the research needed to be successful. Checking with the building codes in your area will be the first, and most important step in planning what type of solar panels you want to install.

Joining a network of people in your area that have experience with building solar panels can save a lot of money and time. There may be certain issues in your area related to building and installing panels. These people will be able to provide advice and assistance on the best type of panels to use and the most cost effective way to install the panels on your home.

Before starting your project it will be important to get detailed plans for building and installing the panels. These plans will have a list of the items you will need and the different energy levels you can expect to get from different types of panels. Producing enough energy to run your home is a key to success, you need to plan on building and installing large panels that will be capable of storing energy on cloudy days.

Some people want to build the cells that are in the panels. If you are going to attempt this project, you need to start very small. An average home requires approximately forty-one thousand square inches of solar panel, or about two hundred fifty square feet. A cell is usually 4" square and it takes about 180 squares to make one panel. The cells are very delicate and must be tested as they are placed in the panel.

A solar panel project is big. It can be time consuming if a person has not planned properly. Installing panels that will produce enough energy for your home will be important. Some people decide to install smaller panels and cut down one energy. However, this can adversely impact the resale value of the home.

Maintaining the value of your home for resale is important. Get plans that provide an adequate supply of energy to your home on a consistent basis without the need to reduce energy usage.. When you build your own solar panels, make sure that you plan for normal energy usage and not for reduced consumption of energy when the panels have been installed.

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