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HP LaserJet 4345 Printer:This Heavy Hitter Powers Your Performance

HP LaserJet 4345 Printer:This Heavy Hitter Powers Your Performance


HP LaserJet 4345 Printer:This Heavy Hitter Powers Your Performance

by Ben Pate

To find a printer that is affordable while being both effective and multifaceted can be very difficult. The HP LaserJet 4345 printer using HP LaserJet 4345 compatible toners meets all of these requirements with a wide range of technological advantages that its competitors do not have. It seems that this printer model was designed with just about every printing media need in mind. The 4345 can handle just about any task given to it. The information that follows will explain the capabilities and specifications of this machine.

An unyielding 533 MHz processor can handle even the toughest print, scan, copy, and fax jobs with ease. The factory-issue 256 MB system memory is well above the industry average - and it is still expandable to 512 MB. A high-performance 20 GB hard disk allows for task retention and repetition and can act as a storage bank for digital scans. With these powerful system specifications, the 45 page-per-minute print rate, even at HP ProRes True 1200 x 1200 dpi, comes as no surprise.

The 4345 was designed with most any conceivable media needs in mind. Customization of media sizes of anything between 3" x 5" and 8.5" x 14" is easy. The multipurpose loading trays can handle plain, letterhead, bond, color construction, pre-printed, pre-punched, recycled, or rough paper types. In addition, preconfigured settings exist for the easy printing of labels, envelopes, card stock, and transparencies with the HP LaserJet replacement toners.

With measurements at 30" wide, 19" across, and 21.5" tall, the 4345 is considered a rather large printer. It really is not suitable for at home use or even upon a large desktop. Its weight, 117.7 pounds, also makes it hard to mount and move. The best placement for this machine would be in a centralized location that contains high traffic. You can even request a model specific stand to mount this printer on.

The 4345 is also versatile with its connectivity solutions. It has an IEEE 1284-B bidirectional parallel port for standard connections. It also comes with an HP Jetdirect Fast Ethernet Embedded Print Server that allows you to directly connect to the router to become an independent network operation. It also has an EIO port that provides the option that allows expansion capabilities. If you need compatibility with third-party paper handling solutions, then you will be able to use the Jetlink port.

When purchasing the 4345 from a retailer, it comes with many accessories. These include the necessary power cables, a language dependent control panel overlay, a printer cartridge capable of printing 18,000 pages, a Network Configuration Guide, a Walk up Wall Poster to help with usage of the machine, and also complementary software and digital copies of all the documentation you need. And, do not forget the flyer that gives you the details of the one year warranty information to be used as a quick reference.

The price can vary widely on the 4345 depending on your location, but it usually retails for about $1,700. If you would rather go with a refurbished model, then it can be found for under $1000. When comparing this machine to the typical at home printer, the 4345 may seem a bit expensive. But, when all the specializations are taken into consideration, the price is justifiable.

There are many business-oriented print solutions on the market. Simpler models with fewer options often cost less but are outperformed by advanced media devices such as the HP LaserJet 4350 printer. If the specialized, high-performance options offered by this machine meet your needs, it is definitely worth your consideration.

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