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How Web 2.0 Real Estate Marketing Is Changing The Industry

How Web 2.0 Real Estate Marketing Is Changing The Industry


How Web 2.0 Real Estate Marketing Is Changing The Industry

by Alexis Jameson

The Web 2.0 real estate marketing is a big idea that everyone is trying cash in on. First, what is Web 2.0? Some have defined Web 2.0 is a secondary but better internet for people to get information from other people. Blogs, wikis and mash ups are just the surface of what the Web 2.0 is about.

When anyone is looking for answers to their questions, it is best to go to the professionals of the field for reliable answers. Using blogs to drive traffic to websites for realtors and used by realtors has opened up many doors to the public. A more educate clientele will be out there to do business with.

With Web 2.0 real estate marketing, people can ask all the questions they like and get answers from professional realtors. If someone wants to know what properties are going for in particular area, they can get the information and not be pressured by anyone. They can peruse the ads or videos of homes that are for sale at a time that woks for them.

For the realtors, Web 2.0 helps to get your listings out in front of as many people as possible. Mash ups combine many databases and your listings will be seen more frequently because of this technology. More people are on broadband or DSL internet connections, so you can make videos tours of the homes that you are trying to sell.

With the use of Web 2.0 applications, realtors can stay abreast of marketing trends and current interest rates. If your clients ask you a question that you cannot answer, you can either point them in the right direction or research the answer yourself. By using Facebook, a realtor can link their listings to their home page.

By utilizing the Twitter application, realtors have another way of reaching their clients and allowing those clients to reach them. You can send links to homes that you think your different customers might be interested in. If you have first time home buyers, you can send article links that you feel will to be the most useful to them.

There are a lot of less than honest people that are trying to cash in on the Web 2.0 real estate marketing's rising trend. There are many sales pitches out there, offering guaranteed sales leads or a sure fire program that requires little work but yields lost of money. Web 2.0 real estate marketing is a resourceful tool but everything takes a little hard work.

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