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How To Send Free Birthday Greetings With A Birthday Ecard

How To Send Free Birthday Greetings With A Birthday Ecard


How To Send Free Birthday Greetings With A Birthday Ecard

by Larry Calvert

Greeting our loved ones on their birthday is nice and gives a feeling of happiness. This feeling is also true for the celebrant because it makes them know that they are remembered and loved. Now, there is a new way to greet our loved ones using free birthday greetings that are offered online.

However, if you are worrying because it's hard for you to send this special greeting to your friends, family members and loved ones, then you are wrong. Sending a birthday ecard with the help of free birthday greetings is easy.

These simple steps will let you send those special greetings to your friends, family members and loved ones fast and easy:

1. First is to register online. Upon successful registration, you just have to input the names of those you wish to greet on their birthdays and the date they were born. You can also input their nicknames for your convenience if perhaps you have friends with the same names. This is to avoid confusion.

2. You also need to input names of your loved ones and list their particular e-mail as well. Their e-mail will be needed so the service will be able to know where the birthdayecard will be sent. It is also important that you indicate whether they are male or female. Then press submit.

3. After clicking the submit button, all the information will be saved in the service's data base. Note that you will then be able to see the names of the people you listed in thewebsite's calendar found on their homepage. You will then be able to see four icons besides their names-- ecard, share reminder, edit the reminder, and delete button.

4. If you want to customize the birthday ecard that you will send, then just click the "ecard" icon and choose the what kind of card you would like to send. There are many lists of ecards that you could send. They include flash ecards, YouTube video ecards, remember when ecards, photo ecards and even personalized singing ecards. After customizing the ecard that you want to send, you may want to preview it. and when everything are fine, all you need to do is click on the send button.

5. Lastly you just need to fill in the recipient's name or your friends, family members and loved ones names and their email addresses also you can put your personalized message and set it as to when will it be sent to them. And just click the send button and your good to go.

About the Author:
Free happy birthday cards are increasing in popularity as technology advances. The birthday ecard of the digital variety costs nothing, and lots of folks are starting to send them out.

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