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How to Safely Invest Your Money Today

How to Safely Invest Your Money Today


How to Safely Invest Your Money Today

by Kent Jackson

Individuals are on the lookout for investments that offer the highest interest, at a time when the health of the economy is very weak, and the news from the stock market is not much better. People are feeling nervous about the trends of financial investments, and they are having trouble finding secure places for their money. If asked, most individuals will tell you that they would choose a safe investment over one offering a higher interest rate. So, if you find yourself in this position, what other alternatives are available besides an interest checking or savings account?

Today's most secure investment is likely an FDIC insured bank CD, which is guaranteed, in actuality, by the United States government. The FDIC failing to insure your CD would only happen in the event of a complete U.S. government collapse, which means that it is highly unlikely that your money is in any jeopardy. It is too bad, though, that certificates of deposit are currently at an all time low rate of 1% currently.

Strangely enough, the best CD rate is not always the one with the longest term. Sometimes when you go into a bank looking for the highest rates, you will notice that the 30-year CD or 15 year CD actually has a lower rate than something for less years. Also, because of a special promotion, you may be able to get the best rate with one of the shorter terms CD's.

Many seniors and retirees, rely on income earned through interest to assist in providing the money that they need for every day living, so, for these people, low interest rates can be devastating. Younger individuals may see more benefit from stock investment despite the risk, while older individuals should avoid putting their money here. For the young, they can afford to live through the ups and downs of the market, and allow their stock investment to pay off over a long period, while older people are looking for an investment that will provide funds right away, and consistently.

For safety, other good alternatives are Treasury bills, or just holding on to your cash. In reality, you are providing the U.S. government with a free loan, and the rate of return is lower than that of a CD. . Holding on to cash means that your nest egg will not keep up with inflation, and the value of your money will decrease. The majority of individuals are experiencing financial difficulties during this time of economic turmoil.

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