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How To Properly Install Vertical Blinds

How To Properly Install Vertical Blinds


How To Properly Install Vertical Blinds

by Jerikat Jennison

Vertical blinds are a wonderful addition to any home. Choosing the right window blinds that will flatter your home furnishings is becoming a small task since they come in different colors and textures. The vanes can be made of wood, polyvinyl, metal and even covered with fabric. These variations give individuals a lot of options when choosing window treatments that compliment their decor.

The window blinds vary in price according to the type and material of blinds, but they are fairly inexpensive. Most places that sell window treatments or home improvement products carry a wide assortment of window blinds. Most stores offer installation for a specific fee, but people can save money by completing installation themselves.

A few tools are needed before getting started.

You will need: a hammer and nails, level, drill and drill bits, scissors, pencil, and a screwdriver.

All parts that are included with the window blinds should be near before starting installation. Wall anchors may be needed later, but are not included with the kit. Figure out if the mount will be on the inside or outside of the window. The inside mounting is more popular in homes, but mounting on the outside is equally attractive.

Measuring for the Best Location

Starting from the inside of the window, measure outwards about an inch on each side. Mark the spot; this is where the brackets will be placed. To avoid lack of privacy make sure the blinds will cover each side of the window.

Use the drill to make holes where the brackets will be mounted. Wall anchors have to be used when drilling into drywall. Screw two screws into each bracket after the holes for the brackets have been drilled.

Installing the Head Rail

Insert the front edge of the head rail into the clips and rotate back causing the head rail to snap into the clips. To remove the head rail insert a screwdriver between the rail and the release tab.

Vane Installation

When adding the vanes to the rail, turn the stems on the rail so you can see through the stem's slots. Gently push the vane into the stem and pull down until the vane hooks onto the stem's hook. The vanes should overlap if they are installed correctly. Take the rod and hook it on the rail to make the window blinds function properly.

Add the Valance

Adding the valance is an option, but to include the valance one should follow these instructions as well. Snap valance clips onto the rail about two inches from the ends. Place the remaining clips evenly on the rail, and then slide the valance on the rail.

Using and Cleaning Your Vertical Blinds

When opening and closing your window blinds, twist the rod until blinds open or close. The vanes should be open whenever you want to slide the window blinds open for maximum view. To clean the blinds use warm water and soap. Wipe the blinds down with the towel and dry. Vacuuming fabric blinds will keep the fabric fresh.

Vertical blinds have become very popular in homes. These window treatments are a smart and inexpensive investment for the home. No matter the theme or layout of the home, these window blinds are sure to enhance any home.

About the Author:
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