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How To Pick The Right Burglar Alarm System

How To Pick The Right Burglar Alarm System


How To Pick The Right Burglar Alarm System

by Todd Cavanaugh

If you monitor the news, you have probably noted two undesirable trends: first, more home invasions seem to go wrong and result in violence, and second, people are breaking and entering in surprising places. Even the rural areas are no longer safe. The Justice Department has released statistics on crime in America indicating that over 50% of home break-ins did not require the burglars to force their way into the home. Yet, three-quarters of American homes don't have a burglar alarm system.

Know What You Need

Long before you start shopping for equipment or searching the yellow pages for a security company, you need to take a few quiet moments to think about what you need in a burglar alarm system. What worries you? Are you trying to keep track of young children or an Alzheimer's patient? Are you trying to protect your family or your property and possessions? What kind of valuables are in your home, and how easy are they to find?

What is happening in your neighborhood? Are you seeing more police patrols? Are security company signs going up in your neighbors' yards? Are people talking about their fears? Was your next-door neighbor's burglar-ravaged home on the news last night? Is this the reason you are thinking about a burglar alarm system?

Are there things that make your home and property attractive to thieves? Is your property dark? Is the block essentially deserted all day? What's behind your property?

Are there things about your family's lifestyle that make you vulnerable? Does your aging father tell you regularly that you are crazy to be so uptight about locking doors? Are you concerned about a vacation home? Does your spouse travel frequently on business?

How Much Burglar Alarm System Do you need?

If you think you will be on a tight budget, you might want to think through your burglar alarm system options in terms of what you need and what would give you greatest comfort. Think about the components of security systems and how important they are to you. For example:

- Perimeter alarm - underground, wired fence, gate alarm

- Door alarms - chime when system is off, siren when system is on

- Window alarms - chime when system is off, siren when system is on

- Property surveillance - lights come on or siren sounds when someone enters your yard

- Movement in all or parts of your home

- Alert when there has been no activity in a particular part of the house at the regular time

- Alarms when someone breaks a window

- Smoke detector

- Heat sensors to sound alarm in event of fire

- Notification if the temperature in the house goes too low or too high

- Carbon Monoxide presence

- Radon Gas

- Flooding

- Drawer or cabinet alarm - sounds when drawer or door is opened

Give some thought, as well, to how your burglar alarm system can help you in other ways. For example, alarms on medicine cabinets will alert you if a child might be in danger. A door alarm chime alerts you that someone has left the house.

More Details

There are a few other questions you might want to consider before you select your burglar alarm system.

1. Do you want the traditional burglar alarm system with wires in the wall? Or do you want a wireless burglar alarm system?

2. Do you plan to stay in your home long enough to justify the cost of your new burglar alarm system?

3. Will you have children leaving home or parents moving in?

4. Do you want your burglar alarm system monitored 24/7 or just at night? Do you want it monitored locally or nationally?

5. Do you want a camera in certain rooms to monitor or record what happens?

If you have answered all of these questions, you are ready to talk with a home security professional. S/he will help you ask all the right questions and ensure that you are not wasting money on things you do not need. Together, you and your security advisor can protect your family and property with a burglar alarm system that achieves your goals and stays within your budget.

About the Author:
Todd Cavanaugh is a ten-year burglar alarm system business owner. His company installs pre-wired and wireless monitored security systems, 24-hour surveillance cameras, access control systems and smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. See his business web site for his recommendations on home security.

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