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How To Make The Most Money In FarmVille

How To Make The Most Money In FarmVille


How To Make The Most Money In FarmVille

by Terry Connor

In the last year FarmVille has soared to the top of the most popular online game in the world and along with this the number of people searching for help to make the most money possible has matched the popularity of the game. Earning coins in FarmVille comes down to three specific areas such as which crops to plant, getting the most out of gift giving and keeping an eye on the clock in order to maximize your profits. In this particular article I will cover the three main features that will help you make the most money possible in FarmVille.

When it comes to planting crops on your farm a lot of new players make the mistake of concentrating on items that have the highest payout rate without looking at the whole picture. The pumpkin does pay off well but it takes a very long time before you are able to reap the reward but if you focused on strawberries that take much less tie to reach harvest in the end it will earn you a lot more money in FarmVille. This is know as earnings per hour where you take the cost of the item and divide it by the number of hours to reach harvest and in the end you will receive a number that will make a massive difference in the amount of profits that you pull in.

Zynga is the maker of FarmVille and Cafe World and they believe that gift giving is a main feature of the game and when used properly will make you money. As you log in to the game each day you receive the daily gift item that you can pass on to your neighbors. Now the main reason why you give out gifts is in the hope that your friends will return the favor which you can then sell or use on your farm. The amount of neighbors that you have in the FarmVille community makes a big difference when it comes to this aspect of the game.

FarmVille was created around the notion that the player would continuously play the game nonstop which we all know is just not possible so the clock quickly becomes an issue. The clock does not stop in this game so you need to make sure when your crops are ready to harvest you are in a position to do so or else your plants start to spoil which will cost you a fortune. The basic rule is if you are unsure that you will be able to return to the game exactly when your crops are ready to harvest it makes more sense not to plant anything at all.

As you progress in FarmVille money becomes much easier to make as soon as you are able to purchase buildings. As a new player it is essential that you keep track of your earnings per hours, use the gift giving feature to the full extent and keeping an eye on the clock and soon soon you will find yourself in a million dollar FarmVille villa.

About the Author:
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