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How To Make The Best Birth Control

How To Make The Best Birth Control


How To Make The Best Birth Control

by Severica Vintila

In the modern world we live in today, unplanned pregnancies have become rare due to the many excellent methods of birth control. Some are old, tested, and trusted, while others like the third generation Nuvaring are new and have dangerous side effects and problems associated with its use.Since time immemorial, women have used contraception and birth control methods to avoid pregnancies due to a multitude of reasons. As time passed, crude methods were replaced with more modern methods, medications, and devices. As science progressed and knowledge increased, new and more modern methods were developed for birth control. We now have the third generation of birth control methods and devices, which uses and contains hormones like estrogen and progestin.

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Most women are weight conscious therefore it is important for them that their control pills will not impede their weight loss or weight maintenance programs. However, there are no further studies that will support such allegation of weight gain after the utilization of control pills. Researches have no evidence pointing the weight gain to the use of oral contraceptives. There are many theories but none has been proven to be the real answer.

From these women who reported to have weight gain, how much did they gain? Most women reported that after usage of oral contraceptives, they gained about five pounds but a small fraction has gained about 10 pounds. Basically, any weight changes whether weight gain or weight loss within three months of oral contraceptive use is related to the side effect of the pill that you have used.

The side effects can and do start with blood clotting or venous thrombosis in medical terms. In simple terms it means that the use of Nuvaring could lead to blood clots in your kegs and thighs. By itself this is not life threatening and can be taken care of.

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But if there are multiple blood clots and even one of these travels through the body to a vital organ like the brain, lung or heart, then the problems and danger could multiply a thousand fold. A blood clot in a vein of a lung could leave you breathless and gasping for air, while a clot stuck in a vein or artery carrying blood to the brain could lead to an ischemic stroke leading to irreversible brain damage. Likewise the clot traveling to the heart could get stuck in an artery or vein resulting in a heart attack.The side effects of Nuvaring and Nuva ring dangers are enhanced and increased if the woman using it is 35 years or older, has diabetes, smokes more than 15-20 cigarettes a day, and has high levels of cholesterol or is obese.

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