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How To Make Thanksgiving Crafts

How To Make Thanksgiving Crafts


How To Make Thanksgiving Crafts

by Todd Schuyler

Thanksgiving is a terrific day! What a wonderful time to reflect about just how good God has been to you and your family. To get the most out of this joyous holiday, make some Thanksgiving crafts with your children. These days, Thanksgiving often gets bumped out by Halloween's scary decorations and the lights and gala of Christmas. With the following Thanksgiving craft projects, your home can be decorated for this quieter but important occasion.

Turkeys are a favorite choice for Thanksgiving crafts. A familiar craft at this time of year is for a child to trace around his or her hand and turn the resulting drawing into a turkey. The thumb is the head and the fingers are the tail feathers. The turkeys eaten by the Pilgrims at the first Thanksgiving were the wild brown ones. The tail feathers on a wild turkey are brown, but they are iridescent. catching light and appearing to have many colors. This is why children often color the tail feathers in bright colors.

The turkey's head has a wattle under the beak. This is a vertical flap of loose skin that is red colored. Be sure to draw this in order to make the hand turkey really resemble a turkey. Add skinny legs and bird feet. When completed, the children can cut out the turkeys and decorate them on the wall. Here is a suggestion. Why not make a whole flock of these turkeys in the sizes of all the hands in your family.

Another great turkey craft to make when making Thanksgiving holiday decorations is a turkey door decoration. Construct a brown construction paper body and head of a turkey. Next make a large number of colored feather shapes. Have each family member write on a feather something he or she is thankful for this year. Now attach to the turkey's tail. Keep repeating until all the feathers are used, and hang the turkey decoration on the front door to welcome visitors with a Thanksgiving message of gratitude. Design a sign to accompany the turkey that says "Give thanks to the Lord for He is good!" or simply "Be thankful!" or "We're thankful for you!" or whatever you are thankful for!

Most Kids love making construction paper chains. To further decorate your home for Thanksgiving, let them make a paper chain in typical fall colors as one of their Thanksgiving craft projects. Use 9 by 12 inch construction paper, cut the paper in half across the long side and cut the halves into one inch thick six inch long strips. Staple the ends of the strip into a circle. Loop the next strip into the circle and staple it. Continue the process alternating colors of brown, red, yellow, and orange. When the chains are long, you can drape them along the ceiling or your stair rail. If you didn't make the door turkey, the children can write something they're thankful for on each strip of paper before adding it to the chain.

Making crafts to decorate the home for Thanksgiving makes the day extra special. The extended family, aunts, uncles, grandparents, will be pleased to see the Thanksgiving crafts the children have made to decorate the house.

Do you want more fun Thanksgiving Craft ideas? Just visit Todd Schuyler's the Guide To Thanksgiving Crafts for many more projects.

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