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How To Kiss Her (and know if she's ready to kiss you)

How To Kiss Her (and know if she's ready to kiss you)


How To Kiss Her (and know if she's ready to kiss you)

by Adela Thomas

Guys are always expected to make the first move and know exactly when and how to kiss a girl. So it's up to us to determine if she's ready. For many it may seem like some strange art, or rocket science, but it's more like learning a simple language as once you know it, it's easy to understand when and how to kiss her

Have you ever been on a date and you wanted to know if the woman was interested in kissing you, but you didn't know how to tell if she was ready to kiss? It's a situation that can leave you nervous. If you're nervous the girl will pick up on it, and potentially start to feel nervous as well. If she feels nervous as well, she might get scared and if she gets scared, well... you can kiss your kiss goodbye!

I used to always wonder if a girl wanted me to kiss her, or if she had something to tell me, or if she wanted to get out. Fortunately, I finally learned a great technique that helped me know when she was ready to kiss. This technique involves a sort of a mental checklist that I make, but if you do it once, it seems much more natural from then on.

First of all, I try never try to kiss a girl on the first date, it makes it so much easier if there's a second date to just go for it and find out if it's worth spending time. If you try to kiss her on day one, you don't know if she wasn't interested, or if it was just too early. Doing this can avoid confusion. However, there are a few exceptions. If she gives me enough signs on the first night, I'll kiss her hand. Also, being good at body language will avoid confusion. Because I have become very good at reading body language, I no longer need the rule not to kiss on day 1. On the other hand, if it's someone I actually want a longer term serious relationship with, then I tend to try to wait until the 2nd night. The relationship tends to be more of a casual relationship if you kiss her before then.

I also try never to kiss her until the end of the date, but if I just met the girl, and she gives me a few signs, I'll ask her if she wants to go somewhere quite or private to talk, and see what happens, if I just want a casual fling.

So the first trick is knowing what you want. Do you want to be a stud who can have casual relationships regularly and date several girls, or do you want the stability of having a girlfriend?

If you want a fling, it is much easier. All you really have to know is if she seems to like you, she seems to have a good time, and she seems to be comfortable around you. Actually, all you really need is the last one, but the first 2 will make things easier. If a woman fixes her hair, licks her lips gazes into your eyes, smiles at you, gets really close to you when talking, gets really close o you, cuddles up to you, puts her head on your shoulder, or any number of things like this, she is interested in you. You may consider just running the kiss test now before you even get to the point where it's time to kiss so that way you'll know in advanced. The trick is, to touch her hair, and if she feels comfortable with it, touch it some more. You also could nudge her at some point in a playful way, and try non verbal flirting, and if she flirts back, you're probably in. But if a woman lets you touch her hair, she is hardly ever going to not kiss you. It doesn't necessarily mean she won't have doubts, and it doesn't mean she's ready for something serious, but if you're looking for casual relationships, it's a great start.

If you have gotten a girl to give you these signs, but you want a relationship, don't kiss her the first night. If she talks about wanting to do this again, or that she had a good time at all, she's probably interested in learning more about you. You should take another date just to make sure she's someone you think you're interested in, maybe a third. However, you may try kissing her hand before she says goodnight, on the 2nd night (or first if she seems really anxious) just as a little bit of a tease to let her know you still may be willing to get physical, and that you aren't not kissing her because you're afraid, you just aren't ready because you dont want to give her the impression that she's just a fling, and you want to let her know that you're serious.

You also need to seem compatible, you need to have talked about things that you've had in common, you need every bit of the test on whether to kiss her if you want things casual to be true. You also are going to want to have laughed at least a few times, have seen her in different environments (and her seeing you in different environments), and you both should have done a lot of tension. It should also be a pretty good moment to, as women always think the first kiss is important, and if you want a relationship it needs to stand out.

How to kiss her (once she's ready) So if you're finally ready to kiss, you want to make it memorable. That way you can expect to see plenty more where that came from if you're interested. Some moments just happen, and you have to just let it happen, otherwise trying any sort of technique would just ruin the moment. Other moments require more planning.

Generally, you should plan on having to make the move. You want to brush her hair out of her face with her hand to one side, and play with it. Tell her what you like about her hair, and hold the end of it with your hand and smell it. Then mention how good it smells. Reach your hand on the other side to brush the hair across her face while you lean forward and smell her hair. Whisper in her ear how her hair smells good. Lean back a little and rub your cheek against hers. After you do this, say something like "Mmm, your skin is so soft. Rub your hands down her torso and her hips and to her lower back while you finish saying this. If you're looking for something casual, tell her she has such a nice body. If you're looking for a more serious relationship, look into her eyes and tell her how pretty her eyes are. Return to smell her hair but this time bring your body closer. Kiss her on the side of the head right near the ear, then her cheek as you say "Mmm..." now it's time to go in for the kiss, but first, let her know you're in complete control of yourself. Lean back, lick your lips as you look over her body then pause just before the kiss. Then lean back and give her a half smile (If you don't know what I mean, Bruce Willis is famous for this), then finally go in for the kiss.

Run your hands through her hair, and down her torso, around her lower back, and up to the upper back. Kiss her gently at first and lean back and pause with your lips barley locked. Then give her a few puckers across the side of her face, and back to her lips. Try gently sucking on her lower lip. Move closer, then away, then closer again. Most people make a big deal about what they do with their lips. The truth is, some people don't like any tongue, and only open mouth, others like a lot of it, experiment with different styles and see how the girl responds. If she grabs you tighter, or says that feels good, or runs her hands through your hair, or holds you closer, this is a sign that she likes what you were doing. If she repositions, backs away and then goes forward again, or tilts her head to move away, that's a sign that it's either too much right now, and she isn't ready, or she doesn't like it.

If you still feel like you aren't a good kisser, you just need more practice! But if you follow these tips how to kiss, you should learn everything you need to know... The rest is up to you.

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