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How to Keep Your Horses Safe

How to Keep Your Horses Safe


How to Keep Your Horses Safe

by Amy P. Cunningham

Horses in Florida are the latest target of equine thieves. These hooligans are terrorizing local barns and stables in an attempt to steal and resell horses.

The purchase of security cameras and alarms has kept some criminals at bay. However, it is best to also use proper boarding techniques and plenty of extra illumination around the stables at night.

But what about those owners who keep horses in pasture situations? Those horses are the most likely targets, and keeping them safe has become quite an issue for most. In order to stave off an attempt at theft, owners are getting creative. Many are making patrols around the pasture at night, just to make sure no one is out where they dont need to be.

Horses living far out in pasture can be brought in towards the pasture owners primary residence. Near the home is a great place to set up less expensive security measures like baby monitors and an old fashioned window overlooking the pasture.

Criminals captured on video tape can always be caught later if your deterrent systems fail. This of course is only useful if you've been determined enough to set up a video recording system and a set of outdoor cameras with both day and night vision.

It is always a good idea to be well prepared for any sort of patrolling you may decide to do. Make sure to bring a phone, multiple flashlights, and some sort of self defense weapon. You do not want to try and confront any thief if you don't have to, but its nice to be prepared in the event you must.

Multi-tools come in many different brands and varieties and can be great patrol companions. You can purchase these from many online and brick and mortar stores. Make sure to always have one of these handy little tools when patrolling.

I hope this article has given you the knowledge you need to start protecting your horses with more care. Use the information you gained here to start your horse security systems and never stop improving them.

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