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How To Install Car Speakers Extremely Simple

How To Install Car Speakers Extremely Simple


How To Install Car Speakers Extremely Simple

by Mat Davis

There are many problems that might arise in the speaker system. The problem may be detected when there is noise, rattling sound, popping sound or a hissing noise. The other problem could be that one speaker might be fully dead and the music might not be playing in one speaker. When such signs are shown by the speakers they need a service or might also need a replacement. When the speakers have to fixed, they must first be opened and then the problem must be detected before fixing it. But how to fix a car stereo speakers without any professional help? This article will provide some basic tips for this.

Before taking a look at detailed stepwise procedure here is a list of things we need to do the job. They are speakers for replacement, screw driver, glue, battery usually nine volts and manual of car. First step is to locate the speaker that needs repair or replacement. To do this we take the help of car manual. They can be in dash board , mounted on door of the car or can be located at the deck of the car on rear side.

Firstly, the dashboard of the car, the door or the speakers at the rear is accessed. The grills that cover the speakers can be removed. This can be done in many ways. If the grills are secured by screws, the screws can be removed with the help of a screwdriver. In case the grill is secured without screws, then it can simply be pulled using a knife or screwdriver with a flat head.

If you are unable to remove the grill, consult your car owner`s manual to check how to remove the dash board pads or door panel. After the removal of the dash board covers, remove the screws holding the speakers in its place. The speakers will be connected with the help of a harness to the doors. Remove this harness for completely detaching the speakers. You can access the speakers from inside the car if it is top mounted or from the trunk if it is bottom mounted.

To check whether the speakers are working properly, tighten the speaker`s butt connector. Now check whether there are any short behaviors by connecting the speakers to a 9-volt battery after disconnecting the speaker from the car battery. if there is a 'pop' or a 'thump' sound then the speaker is fine. Next check whether there is any warping present. Simple cracks can be fixed by using some special adhesives. However if the cracks are severe then it is probably a suitable time for replacing the speakers.

Here is a list of probable causes for damage of speakers. They are magnetic coil damage, short circuit, fuse damage and cracks in the cone. Lets look how to tackle each of these. Fuses associated with speakers are in voice coil and in the wiring. We can see them directly . If damaged just replace them with new ones and speakers will start working.

The other parts like voice coil, etc. are checked for damage. If this coil or the magnet is repaired, the speaker must be replaced. The wires must also be checked for any signs of a short circuiting. In this case the wiring has to be changed. The fuses must also be checked and repaired if there is any problem in that.

This is how to fix a car stereo speakers when the exact problem is not known.

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