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How to Housebreak a Puppy Part 2

How to Housebreak a Puppy Part 2


How to Housebreak a Puppy Part 2

by Ana Walsh

Puppy Housebreaking Rule #1: Here's the #1 secret to housebreaking any puppy: Supervision. Supervision is key to quickly training your puppy to go potty in the right place. By supervising, I mean you know exactly what your puppy is doing at all times. You always have them in your sight. The fact is, every time your puppy goes potty inside, you're moving a step back in your training, instead of moving forward.

Puppy Housebreaking Rule #2: You must never punish a puppy for doing any behavior (including peeing or pooping on the carpet) UNLESS you catch them IN THE ACT of doing it. Dogs do not have the mental capacity to understand punishment that comes after the act is done. Even if it's only a few minutes later, their brains can't put the two pieces together.

Your puppy will not understand that you're punishing them for peeing in the house. No, not even if you rub their nose in it. That will just make them afraid of you, and they still won't know why they're being punished. Your puppy will believe he/she is being punished for playing with toys, not for peeing in the house.

Puppy Housebreaking Rule #3: Sooner or later, your puppy will probably have an accident. It's very likely even if you're doing everything right. When this happens, don't yell at your puppy.

Punishing your puppy for going potty in front of you will make them fear ever going potty in front of you - whether they are outside or inside. After a while you won't be able to get them to go to the bathroom while you're outside taking them, because they'll think it's wrong. Instead, they'll try to find ways to do it inside when you aren't looking.

Instead, pick up your puppy while sternly saying "no", and take them outside (or to wherever it is you want them to go potty).

Prevention will do more for you than anything else. You need to watch your puppy closely throughout the day and keep your eye out for any signal of needing to go potty, such as such as sniffing the floor or turning in circles.

Here's something useful to remember: puppies generally need to go potty approximately 30 to 40 minutes after they've had food or water. They also usually need to go to the bathroom shortly after waking up. (just like most people!)

Follow the simple housebreaking rules in this article and your puppy will be housebroken in no time.

One last piece of advice I want to leave you with. I said it earlier, and I'm repeating it again because it's very important to understand and remember. Your puppy cannot be punished for something unless you catch them and punish them in the ACT of doing it. Even if it's only five minutes later, that's already too late. You have to catch them actually doing the bad behavior to punish them for it. So be sure to supervise your puppy to prevent accidents.

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