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How To Have A Happy Baby

How To Have A Happy Baby


How To Have A Happy Baby

by Julian Spencer

Nothing provides a couple with more pleasure than the arrival of a new baby at the home. If they are not happy and keep on crying all the time the pleasure of bringing them up gets spoiled. Nobody likes a baby that creates irritation by crying continuously. Here are a number of tips that will ensure that your baby always smiles and provides you and your family with oodles of fun.

Have you ever noted that babies generally cry when their diapers gets wet? The baby's skin is delicate and the germs in the wet diaper cause them irritation. Always check the diaper periodically to ensure that it is dry and do not hesitate to replace ones that get wet. Electronic instruments are available that set off a beeping sound when the diaper gets wet and you should use this at night.

As the baby grows up, changes are made to its diet and you should observe whether they adapt to the new diet with a smiling face or whether they cry. If they cry, deduce the reason behind the same and try to rectify it. If required taste the food yourself and see whether it is palatable or not. Food that is warm for you might be hot for the baby! A dress should not be forced over a baby's head. On the other hand, you should select dresses that can be put on and taken of without causing any discomfort to the baby.

You should never leave small objects in the vicinity of a baby since they have a habit of picking up these things and putting them in their mouth. Babies will cry if an alien objects gets stuck in their windpipe. When your baby is a few months old and has started crawling and responds to your gestures, it is high time to observe them. Observe the moods of the baby by spending a few days with them.

Try to understand why they are smiling or what made them cry. These observations will help you in the long run so note them down. Your neighbor's baby might loves to play with the pillow but this does not necessarily mean that your baby too will be happy with a pillow. Having a happy baby is a simple task if you follow the steps mentioned above.

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