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How To Get Thin Arms With Proper Hydration

How To Get Thin Arms With Proper Hydration


How To Get Thin Arms With Proper Hydration

by Katherine Crawford M.S.

Many women know that hydration is important, but few women know how to properly manage it. And mastering your hydration status is critical when learning how to get skinny arms.

When did water consumption become so involved? Well, I firmly believe that excessive caffeine intakes are partly to blame. Why? Because caffeine does a very good job at hiding the ill effects of dehydration and it also makes it harder to optimize how much water you should drink.

Most women are suffering from low grade dehydration without even knowing it.

Thus here are 5 key reasons for optimizing water intake so that you can learn how to get skinny arms:

1. To keep you cool. Heat is the enemy of exercise. Why? Because once your body heats up its over! You'll begin to feel sluggish and your body will not want to do any more exercise.

2. Less vascular volume. What's that you say? Less blood! And less blood translates into less nutrients going to your active tissues.

3. Waste buildup. The cells in your body need water to excrete waste. Without enough water you'll suffer from toxic buildup. Not good!

4. A decreased metabolism. A fast metabolism is the holy grail of thin and skinny arms. Unfortunately, insufficient water intake will lower your metabolism.

5. Poor mental outlook. This effect from dehydration is absolutely horrible. Anything that decreases motivation or worsens mood should be avoided at all costs. Getting thin arms is hard. Getting thin arms with poor mental functioning is harder.

6. Less exercise ability. Without sufficient water your muscles will not be able to exercise at full capacity. Why? Because they are mostly made of water!

I must admit that this list is by no means comprehensive. In fact, water does many more things in the female body. But it's impossible to cover everything in the space of a single article! The take home point here is to make sure you are never dehydrated. How do you do this? Always carry a water bottle around and understand that caffeine will mask the feeling of dehydration.

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