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How to Ensure Efficiency of Fluorescent Lights

How to Ensure Efficiency of Fluorescent Lights


How to Ensure Efficiency of Fluorescent Lights

by Tom Sanderrs

It is generally well known that fluorescent lights are more energy efficient and also that lower energy use results in lower electrical bills. However, there are still some questions about fluorescent lights that nag at consumers. These questions include whether or not to leave them on all the time and if it is a problem to have too many in one area. This article will address those issues.

Warm-up Time

One question often asked is whether or not fluorescent lights use more energy every time they are turned on. This refers to the warm-up period and people actually want to know if this process wastes energy or not. This is actually not a question, because it is inaccurate. However, there is some truth to the matter, because studies do prove that starting up a fluorescent light does use more energy after it has been turned on.

Leaving the Lights On

Energy is not expended in large quantities and that means that leaving lights on will not save you any money or energy. In fact, you will waste energy by leaving lights on for long periods of time. On top of that, you will also take away from the lifespan by leaving the fluorescent lights on.

Turning On and Off

Some are also worried that turning a fluorescent light on and off will reduce the lifespan. If done frequently, then the light will not last as long. However, keep in mind this is true for all kinds of light bulbs. Therefore, avoid frequent on and off switching of fluorescent lights.

Energy Saver Bulbs

There are new designs of fluorescent lights that are even more energy efficient compared to the conventional fluorescent lights you see almost everywhere. Consider purchasing these kinds of fluorescent lamps so that you can be assured of total efficiency. Below are 2 examples:

Compact Fluorescent Lamps: Compact fluorescent lamps are designed to replace the old incandescent lights. Their plugging ends are shaped much like incandescent bulbs and can easily fit into any bulb fixture.

Electrodeless Lamps: Electrodeless lamps were basically designed to have a longer lifespan than most other fluorescent lights. True to its name, these lamps do not have electrodes in them. Fluorescent lights all basically burn out because of the electrodes; and removing these makes the lamps last longer.

Finally, some tips for your fluorescent lights. First make sure that you turn off the lights you don't intend on using and secondly, before deciding on which fluorescent lights to purchase always compare the choices based on watt output, quality and price. This way you will always have peak energy efficiency.

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