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How To Drive Safely

How To Drive Safely


How To Drive Safely

by Connor Sullivan

Everyone loves driving fast, there's no question about that. But driving poses an increasing amount of risks as the speed of the car rises. If you're a professional driver, you'll get pro comp wheels for racing and off road parts if the driving goes off the gravel. But you'll want more than just pro comp tires if you're not a professional driver.

As we grow older and become more wise, we gradually gain a second-nature in relation to driving and can go across the road in relative safely. When we're younger, we're completely at a loss as to what to do, and pay a high amount of attention when we drive. We've also likely got signs on our car to tell others we're still learning to drive, so that others can take care to avoid us.

The difficulties often occur in between these two arenas, when we haven't yet totally developed our driving abilities, but think we've learned enough about driving to call ourselves pros. This combination of a lack of skill with a lack of care may lead to road accidents.

Of course, an additional factor that causes a great amount of confidence and a great amount of incompetence is that of drugs and alcohol. Alcohol especially provides the double-problem of raising our self-confidence to a ridiculous level, while our actual motor skills and mental ability become seriously degraded. When we're on a drug such as pot, on the other hand, our mental state and alertness is impaired, but we're also much more aware of our tendency to create an accident in our current state of inebriation. Ironically, this position of paranoia can actually create accidents, as we drive too slowly and get concerned too much about a certain aspect of the road, while something else pops up and causes a crash. Of course, if we're wanting to drive, it's best to avoid all sorts of alcohol and drugs altogether. While it's legal for experienced drivers to drive after one or two drinks, it still isn't really worth the risk if we can avoid it.

Now let's think about another factor that can have a negative impact on our view on ourselves as drivers: the kind of car we use. People who have recently bought a sports car, or some kind of car with a powerful engine, can think that these cars can be taken at high speeds safely. Obviously, this belief is all illusion. The other car which causes many accidents is the SUV. These vehicles are perhaps the worst of the lot. Since they're so huge, the driver sees themselves as being invincible and does not consider the chance of a crash. The real danger, however, is real. Many families who have purchased SUVs for the safety of their children have in fact caused accidents hurting their kids from not being able to view close to the ground. Since children are so small and the SUV is so big, it's difficult to know when children are around. All in all, it's always best to see yourself as an individual who still has things to learn about driving. Even if you're a master driver, there's still the chance of a crash.

About the Author:
Connor R. Sullivan and his sons buy all of their Pro Comp Tireslocally. Connor and his sons buy all of their off road parts online for their ATVs. Connor's sons always purchase the pro comp wheels from local dealers.

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