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How To Clean Registry

How To Clean Registry


How To Clean Registry

by Jordan Iwase

Have you ever had a problem with your PC? Has it been running slow or causing blue screen errors? Well, it looks like it's time for you to get a microsoft registry clean PC users all face registry related errors eventually.

Installing, adding, and deletint files all causes the registry to eventually become cluttered. It's essential to keep your registry in a uncluttered working condition. Manually cleaning your registry frequently can be a very long-drawn-out process. Now, there is a better and more efficient option. - Registry cleaner software utilities. With the use of a registry cleaner, you can save a lot of time. But, you must get a trustworthy and reliable program that will not do damage to your system.

If you choose to get a registry fix too, I would say to get a commercial one over the freeware ones, they tend to be more dependable and have far more options and tools for repairing your registry. However, if you still want a free registry repair tool, you need to know a few things.

Always remember to make use of regedit to back up your registry and only then run the freeware registry cleaner software. This cleaner will do away with most of the common problems. It is advisable to get one or two of those commercial registry cleaner tools. Make sure that these commercial softwares are capable of deep scanning your registry and check for more serious errors. It should allow removal of start-up programs and protect ActiveX errors. The most important feature of a commercial product is that it comes with an auto back-up system. By the help of this you can make sure that any file unintentionally lost can be easily restored.

To keep your registry healthy you should scan and repair your registry one or two times every month. You can even do it manually if your cleaner does not support it. If your operating system registry is not optimized make use the repair software to optimize it. Another important feature of a registry cleaner tool is that it can delete any hijacked Dlls or BHO's. Some registry cleaner programs also comes with the ability to detect and remove spyware and malware, two very infections. On the other hand some anti-spywares have registry cleaning softwares. It would be good if you have any or both of these.

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