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How The Price Of A Shower Set Varies With Features ?

How The Price Of A Shower Set Varies With Features ?


How The Price Of A Shower Set Varies With Features ?

by Scott Rodgers

A large variety of shower set is available in market to choose from. The price range of a shower set is very wide like you can get a shower set in less than $100 or in $1000. The difference in price is due to different features and finish of a shower set. Here we will talk about some good features of a shower set and their price ranges in detail.

Pressure balanced valve in a shower set helps you in enjoying your bath as the pressure of water does not go down while you are bathing. Otherwise there are chances that when someone else flushes the toilet at the time you are taking the shower, the pressure of water in your shower may go down. Adjustable showers are also in good demand.

Along with pressure valve, you can also have thermostatic valve in your shower. This valve helps in controlling the temperature of water coming out of your shower automatically. No manual adjustment of hot/cold water knobs is required in this case.

Different shower sets are available in different price ranges. The starting price of a shower set is $20. This price keeps on increasing due to addition of much more features. Commonly people take a shower set in between $85-$100.

If you want to have adjustable feature in your shower set so that you can change the settings (gentle bath or heavy massage bath) conveniently as per your need then you need to loose near around $65 to $150. In case you want a good designer piece to make your bathroom astonishing then for this you need to spend somewhere around $500.

Higher-end customized options can climb into the $6,000 range, but are not representative of the types of shower sets the general public purchases. Prices are dictated to a large extent by the type of finish selected and the features required. For example, moveable showerheads generally cost more than their non-moveable counterparts and thermostatic models typically cost more than their pressure-balanced counterparts.

If you are on a tight budget and prefer a basic adjustable no-frills standard shower set then you can get it in around $20 to $45. This price typically includes the standard shower head and one or two handles in a chrome finish.

If you are not able to purchase the shower set that you liked due to its cost then look for any other model having similar features in a low range.

About the Author:
Scott Rodgers is a noted writer who has been providing great guidance on plumbing works all across the nation. His splendid knowledge has, in fact, sparked significant rise in revenue for talented plumbers across the nation, from Kettleman City Plumbers to Laton Plumbers .

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