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How The Government Is Supporting The Real Estate Investing

How The Government Is Supporting The Real Estate Investing


How The Government Is Supporting The Real Estate Investing

by Tom Warner

For quite some time now it has seemed as if the government has actually looked down upon real estate investors. It was as if they actually considered investors as mean people who really took advantage of homeowners. They really proved this view with so many different laws in order to try and discourage real estate investing. But now simply because of the housing crisis, it seems as if the government has eventually changed their views. So in this article we are going to examine a couple of proven ways that the government is now encouraging real estate investing.

First of all when foreclosures were at an all time high at first, the government definitely looked at investors as the ultimate enemy. But with recent legislation it definitely shows that to be the opposite case. One of those pieces of legislation that has really proved that is in regards to short sales. Short sales are definitely where a bank takes less than what is owed on the property in order to cut their losses.

Well the biggest buyers of foreclosures and short sales are actually the real estate investors especially when the housing crisis hit. The kind of legislation that really shows that indeed the government is encouraging real estate investors is where they are actually encouraging incentive's for banks so they can do short sales faster.

Another good piece of legislation in regards to this is basically the FHA 90 day seasoning requirement. That piece of law was especially designed to stop flipping houses. Flipping houses was an activity that most investors were known for. But now there is no 90 day seasoning requirements since recent legislation has temporarily suspended that. This shows that the government wants to encourage investors to buy these houses so they can flip them to another buyer.

All of this is really showing that the government indeed realizes that real estate investors are absolutely helping the housing market. Instead of looking at them as hurting the market, all these actions are showing that investors help.

So if you are really looking to invest in real estate, then you definitely need to take advantage of the favorable climate. The government is encouraging you to do it, while the market has all the deals you can handle.

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