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How Temporary Agencies Match your Skills with the Right Job

How Temporary Agencies Match your Skills with the Right Job


How Temporary Agencies Match your Skills with the Right Job

by Amy Nutt

The purpose of a temporary agency is to find employers skilled workers to fill their temporary job positions. During these troubled economic times, many people have found temporary agencies to be helpful while seeking full time work. The agency keeps a list of qualified people to match the position that an employer needs to be filled for a short period.

There are a number of benefits to signing on with a temporary agency. One such benefit is the agency can match a worker's skills with the right job. Most temporary agencies will help you create a professional resume that highlights the skills that make you qualified for a particular job. As well, they will offer training to keep your skills current as well as learn new skills. You will be prepared to use all of your skills on the first day of the temporary job. Because you will be working for short periods at a variety of work environment, you will be acquiring more skills and discovering what job environment meets your needs. The more experience and training you acquire, the more valuable you will become to a potential full time employer. Employers love acquiring employees that they do not have to train.

When you first meet with a temporary agency recruiter, you will normally be interviewed and have your skills and qualifications reviewed. You may also have to do a test such as a computer test. The higher you score on the test, the more chance you have of obtaining a placement quickly. These tests and the interview help the agency determine what type of job you are best suited for.

Because temporary agencies have access to jobs that may not be advertised to the public, the agency can go through your resume to find the position that best matches your skills and education. In a matter of minutes, a temporary job placement agency will go through all of their applications and locate the right job for you. If you apply yourself and work hard, you may be noticed by an employer. If you are successful at your temporary job, you may find yourself working full time as many companies will hire full time employees that have worked for them for a short period. Because there are so many benefits to working with a temporary agency, the likelihood of finding your perfect job will be significantly increased.

If you are new to the job market, and do not have many skills, a temporary job agency can work with you to acquire new job skills by providing such training as computer skills, typing, accounting, math, office administration, and spelling. You will also have access to resources on creating professional resumes and preparing for a job interview. They will help you incorporate theses skills for use in a position that is suitable to your experience and skills.

Temporary agencies provide a great opportunity to fill in any gaps in your employment history. You can acquire new skills, maintain your current skills, and most importantly, provide you with a source of income while you are seeking a permanent job.

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