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How Stress Can Cause Diabetes?

How Stress Can Cause Diabetes?


How Stress Can Cause Diabetes?

by John Goldman

Diabetes mellitus mainly comes when pancreas does not produce in sufficient amounts or any of hormone insulin or when insulin is generated that does not perform out efficiently.

In diabetes, it would cause glucose blood levels in the blood to intensify. The reasons for diabetes aren't recognized appropriately. There are few determinants that might cause to the diabetes.

These factors are known as the risk factors and one should try overcoming them in order to avoid getting affected by diabetes. Diabetes isn't contagious, so you need not worry about you getting it if anyone in the family has it.

Type 1 diabetes

Autoimmune disease is believed to be type- 1 diabetes. The cells which help in making insulin are destroyed in pancreas that causes a great loss of insulin. It's thought as a result of body attacking also destroys the cells present in the pancreas that are known as autoimmune reaction.

The main and the significant causes for its occurrence are not clear as of now. Lot Of people gives several explanations also possible triggers for this reaction which are proposed. These would include the infection with particular germ or a virus

It would also include an exposure to the food -borne chemicals. It would also include an exposure as young infant to the cow's milk where an unidentified component of it triggers auto immune reaction in body. However, these all explanations is only hypothesis and aren't proven causes by any way

Predisposition for developing the type 1 diabetes might run in the families. However, genetic cause for the diabetes is more commonly found in the type 2 diabetes.

The environmental determinants that stimulate diabetes include ordinary inevitable infections, viral ones. This kind of diabetes is generally found in the family of the non-Hispanic, the northern European decent and is followed by the African Americans also the Hispanic Americans. It's exceptionally found in the Asian descents. It is more of common amongst male than in the female.

Diabetes of type -2

The type 2 diabetes is mainly alleged to occur when there is scarce amount of insulin in the body. It also grows when receptors on the cells in body which typically respond to actions of the insulin failure which is stimulated by it.

This is known as insulin resistance. In revert to this, more amounts of insulin could be produced and the over production of the insulin destroying the cells in pancreas. This type of diabetes occurs when available insulin is abnormal and doesn't perform out appropriately.

Obesity, physical inactivity and increasing age usually increase the chances of diabetes type 2 to develop. Consumption of high fat diet, intake of alcohol, being overweight, sedentary lifestyle, high blood triglyceride levels, could cause type 2 diabetes.

Those persons who are close to type 2 diabetes or the gestational diabetes, certain groups like the Native Americans, Japanese Americans, Hispanic Americans, African Americans have a high risk of developing this kind of diabetes as compared to the non Hispanic whites. Growing Age too is important factor for the type -2 diabetes.

About the Author:
John Goldman is an expert in matters relating to Health and Fitness .To learn more about health,diet and nutrition visit John Goldman's Health And Fitness Page

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