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How Printing Services Have Evolved And Grown Over The Years

How Printing Services Have Evolved And Grown Over The Years


How Printing Services Have Evolved And Grown Over The Years

by Judy Ann Smith

Print medium even today is a very popular mode of spreading information to a vast range of people. The printing services sector has seen tremendous growth over the decades and continues to grow at a steady rate even in the present. Today it is able to not only satisfy customers' printing needs but also other related needs as well.

With the invention of the world's first printing press by Gutenberg in the--00's, bulk printing services in the form of relief printing evolved into a standard industrial service. In relief printing the printed image appears raised from the background, just as you see in a rubber stamp. These days relief printing is not as widely practised and has very restricted uses.

Printing techniques have transformed greatly down the years, and these changes have been brought about by upcoming of latest technologies. There are many kinds of printing techniques available today and each has its own role and function. Most clients are in fact dazed by the plethora of printing choices available to them.

Offset printing is a popular printing method favoured by most printers nowadays. In this technique, the image is transferred onto paper from a metal plate on which the matter is first printed by the use of limited amount of ink. This cheap and quick technique of printing is highly preferred and used when bulk printing is needed.

Evolution in printing technology has also introduced other printing methods like thermal printing, that requires heating of layered thermal paper, and electrostatic printing, that is akin to photocopying.

However, digital printing is the latest printing technique that is getting a lot of popularity. As is evident from its name, it involves image creation and editing on a computer, and then this computer generated image is finally printed after analysis. But this fast and trustworthy technique works best in cases where only a small number of prints is required. As the printer can modify each print in this method, it can be employed for computer form printing, where items such as receipts or invoices can be printed for different clients, with each having the same format but different contents.

Printing services took another dimension when the world wide web started gaining popularity. Most printing companies run their own websites that permit clients to conveniently place orders and check out designs and specimens, without them having to go all the way to the firm's premises for this purpose.

Technological innovations have always brought about major positive changes in printing techniques and the quality of the prints. The great news is that this trend of change is going to continue in the future as well, bringing favourable advancements to enhance efficiency and reduce costs.

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