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How My Credit Dropped

How My Credit Dropped


How My Credit Dropped

by Frances Lexington

A few months, I went through some rough moments in my life. I got laid off after the company I worked for went down. The bills piled up and I was unable to make my monthly payments. Eventually, all of my credit card accounts were charged-off and sent to collection agencies.

My life became a living hell of collection calls and non-stop harassment from debt collectors. Finally, I filed bankruptcy and was relieved of my debt, but the damage to my credit was already done.

For months I was denied the chance to own a house, buy a new car, or even take a trip " all because my credit FICO scores were too low for the lenders to even think of giving me a loan. Getting turned down for loans over and over was frustrating and embarrassing.

A friend told me about SBFC Law Group and was ranting and raving about how awesome they were. I was skeptical at first, but after seeing what they did for him, I knew I had to give them a try. So, I got online and looked them up.

SBFC Law Group Changed My Life

I called the 1-800 number at their website and talked to a credit repair expert who was very nice and understanding of my circumstances. She was also very knowledgeable. So, I went ahead and signed up. Boy, am I glad I did! After about 3 weeks, I started receiving letters from the credit bureaus stating that negative accounts had been removed from my credit reports!

SBFC Law Group did such a great job with my credit score, I would recommend them to anyone who is in the same circumstance. It is so worth it. After the first little while I was able to get a car loan. A year later, and I can now get a home loan. Imagine that.

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