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How Hylaform or Restylane Injections Help Fight Wrinkles

How Hylaform or Restylane Injections Help Fight Wrinkles


How Hylaform or Restylane Injections Help Fight Wrinkles

by Amy Nutt

Restylane and Hylaform are two new injections for smoothing wrinkles and laugh lines that are highly effective, give beautiful results, and are less invasive than many other injection treatments for wrinkles.

You've probably seen advertisements for Reestylane and Hylaform and how they will take years off of your face. You may wonder how they work and if they work.

The injections have fewer problems than other types of injections for smoothing wrinkles, and those who use them prefer their ease of use.

Other injections for sculpting and removing wrinkles are made from animal based products. By contrast, Restylane and Hylaform are created from non-animal, biodegradable substances.

The major ingredient in the two products is hyaluronic acid, a substance found naturally in our bodies, that provides fullness and volume to the skin. This natural base makes Restylane a favorite in the wrinkle removal field.

This is in direct contrast to Botox, which is a drug, not a natural product. Botox blocks the nerves from transmitting and relaxes the muscles under the nerves. Restylane, on the other hand, fills in folds and wrinkles with a natural filler.

The Restylane and Hylaform products have very few side effects and nearly no allergic reactions. With animal based injection, there is a high percentage of patients who have an allergic reaction to the products.

This reaction causes swelling, itching and redness, and embarrassment for the patient. However, these side effects are nearly all connected to the animal proteins in those products, and Restylane has none of those acids, so there is little to no incidence of allergic reactions.

In fact, with other products, patience have to go through and experimental prick and small injection to test for allergic reactions. With Restylane and Hylaform, that testing step is completely eliminated.

That means faster treatment for you, and faster results. Not only can you have the procedure early, but you'll see the effects for a long time as well.

The effects of Restylane last up to six months, which means less frequent injections and more natural looking results. Eventually the acid is absorbed into the skin naturally so there is never a unnatural or unattractive look.

The treatments generally last only 20 or 30 minutes, and the process usually takes only one treatment to produce effective results.

There is generally no pain involved in the Restylane procedure. The ultra thin needles and technology involved mean minimal discomfort for the patient. This gentle treatment allows patients to return to work, school, and regular daily activities immediately, with little or no visible sign of swelling or redness, just beautiful skin and no wrinkles.

Despite the mildness of the treatment, you should avoid St. John's Wort, high doses of Vitamin E supplements, aspirin and ibuprofen. These items may increase the incidents of bleeding at the site of the injection.

There is a small chance of facial cold sores, if a patient has had a problem with these in the past there is a small chance that the needle puncture could cause a recurrence.

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