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How Having an Organized Home and Life Positively Impacts Our Planet & Ourselves

How Having an Organized Home and Life Positively Impacts Our Planet & Ourselves


How Having an Organized Home and Life Positively Impacts Our Planet & Ourselves

by Heidi DeCoux

The future of our planet begins at home. Our level of organization has an impact, whether or not we realize it, and whether or not we want the responsibility.

You may agree that when you are organized you feel free and have more time to spend pursuing the things you love. In addition to feeling free you will be less likely to consume more resources than necessary when your home and life are organized. For example, on a small scale:

* Purchasing a new plastic bottle of mustard while there are one or two half-full bottles hidden in the refrigerator. * Purchasing new batteries because looking for them in junk drawers is a daunting task. * Purchasing clothing (perhaps necklaces, neckties, or belts) while there are similar garments hidden in your closet, which you have forgotten about.

The small things add up. Purchasing duplicate small items, such as plastic bottles of consumables may seem trite, however, not all plastics are recycled and the ones that are, typically are made into non-recyclable products. In addition, recycling plastic consumes a significant amount of energy and capital investment.

On a much larger scale, consider that the average home size in America today is twice as big as it was 30 years ago yet the number of people in the average household in the America has decreased by half. We are collecting and consuming more and more things and we require more and more space for all of our things. The US population comprises 5% of the world's population yet we generate 30% of the world's garbage! According to the Marine Sanitary Service. While recycling and reusing is important and beneficial, consuming less has a larger impact.

When organized, we can live more comfortably using less space. Consider the amount of utilities, land, and items consumed by a 6,000 ft2 home compared to that of a 1,500 ft2 condominium. If you choose to live in a smaller space, being organized makes it possible to live comfortably.

Living in a smaller home is not for everyone however, having an organized home (regardless of the size) and life helps reduce unnecessary consumption.

Consider how much less driving could you do if your schedule and errands were organized? How often do you make extra trips to Target, Walmart, grocery store or drug store? Could you carpool or use public transportation if you planned ahead?

In addition to having a positive impact on our planet, being organized gives you the freedom and time to pursue areas of life that give you happiness. An average person spends 55.2 minutes everyday looking for things. That's two weeks each year! Is there anything else you would rather spend your time doing?

Over the next few days, take a look at what you are spending your time looking for, what you are purchasing and what you are throwing away. You may find that by just being more organized you and your family will consume less, save you time and money and save our planet.

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