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How Can I Advertise My Business For Free

How Can I Advertise My Business For Free


How Can I Advertise My Business For Free

by Adam Woods

There are lots of ways in which you can get your business running on the internet for free. Your success would be a combination of all the aspects explained in this article along with your persistence and hard work. If you are looking for instant exposure and have no issues paying through the nose then just open a pay per click account. But if you want to drive endless quality traffic to your website free of cost then read on. When you implement such tactics the search engines are also be more likely to pick up on your website and would list it in the organic search results which have a proven record of sending more traffic with a higher conversion rate than PPC.

1.) Writing articles. 2.) Writing press releases. 3.) Blogging. 4.) Forum signatures. 5.) Podcasts. 6.) Making and publishing video 7.) Viral marketing.

Writing ezine articles is one of the best ways to promote your online business however your articles in order to be successful must be both of an informative nature and not seem to promote your business directly, there is nothing worse than searching for information on the internet and having somebody trying to ram their business down your throat. You must seem to promote yourself as a knowledgeable body on the internet and not a sales person trying to make a sale. You can of course promote your business through the article signature. Some ezine sites do have their own coding for doing such signatures and may differ from site to site. If your website has more information on the subject that you are already writing about in your ezine then you may be able to direct link to that website or you may link to your blog that has more information, and then from your blog to your website would be acceptable. With most ezine article sites you have the choice to be a free member or you can subscribe. A monthly subscription will of course get your articles published a lot faster but if you are writing a lot of articles, which in order to be successful you should be doing, then when you have a constant stream of articles being published over a say a 10 day period then I personally would stick to the free membership at least until you have fine tuned your writing technique.

Writing press releases (PR) is a more direct way of promoting your online business. It is a great way to keep people informed about your recent developments like launch of a new product or service or any new changes in your business website. Just like other articles, you can educate and assist your readers with PRs by passing on valuable information on relevant topics to your business. One of the best PR sites in the business is www.pressexposure.com and moreover it is very relaxed with self promotion norms. It only takes merely a day or two to get your PRs reviewed and published.

Blogging is a great way to promote yourself, your site and your business. If you can make your blog interesting enough and full of great content then people will subscribe to your blog and become followers of your work. A blog site can also be of great value to you the more visitors you get, the higher the traffic the more value your blog site will become and you can sell advertising space on that blog which creates a nice residual income and it does of course open a gateway to your main website. Good video content also has a place on your blog it is easy enough to publish a video on youtube.com and simply use the embedding code to place that video on your blog, it doesn't even have to be your own work you can embed any video that displays an embedding code just make sure it is of relevance.

Forum signature is basically a way of creating a link to your website as described in point 1. In ezine articles it is a way of linking to your domain without obviously promoting yourself. It is best to enter a discussion forum with a real view without promoting directly and show yourself as a person willing to help others. You can do this by reading what others have written and what helps they have requested. Then you can find answers to their questions and reply them with your forum signature at the bottom. I often use a signature that just says from me to you and as I am all about internet marketing, it is necessary for me pass useful information on to my readers. There are literally hundreds of forums available. But you should be careful to read the rules and regulations before posting because too much self promotion might see your account get closed without warning. It is better to join forums with more traffic. Dont hesitate to join as many forums as possible and spend at least an hour a day reading through and replying to the posts and making fresh posts that are relevant to your business. You will soon see that people are noticing you and visiting your site to find out more about you.

Making a promotional movie to publish over the web is not really a technical affaire as you might think. With the advent of software like windows movie maker that comes by default with any windows PC the process has become really simple. I have already discussed making videos with windows movie maker www.ezinearticles.................... Please visit this article to learn more about video marketing. Videos are taken very seriously by Google and if you use the right publishing service you would appear in the first page of any organic Google search within minutes of publication. With the sites like www.trafficgeyser.com and www.tubemogul.com you can publish videos in multiple sites at one go nowadays. They also take care of Podcasting of the same videos which is discussed in the point 6 of the article.

Viral marketing is my favourite of the lot and Im going to give you a golden nugget of information here. If you have a look at the videos in youtube or any such site, you would also notice the number of views counter and the date it was posted. You would also notice that funny contents are among the most viewed ones there. For instance there was a well known video called Charlie bit me a few years ago about two baby brothers biting each other on the finger which was really funny and had over 62 million views in a very short span. Now imagine you have such a video with your URL mentioned at the bottom as a subtitle. How many of those 62 million viewers might type and open your website? Even if we consider 1% strike rate, you still have 620,000 potential customers. People also embed such videos into their blogs or forward them with mails or face book and other social networking sites. This is the origin of the nomenclature viral. It spreads like viruses! The generated traffic might be untargeted but still you get high amount of publicity and once you go viral then you can potentially gain lots from it. The easiest way to find content for viral marketing is to simply record a highly viewed programme from the television. I have had great results from programmes like Britains Got Talent and X Factor. Do you remember Paul Potts? When he sang for the first time, the video had over 10 million views in a week on youtube and it now has over 40 million. Just imagine the potential!

All these tactics are ongoing exercises and should be executed on a regular basis in order to see results. Make it a weekly task to do one of each, each week and you will soon start to see results.

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