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House Showing Checklist

House Showing Checklist


House Showing Checklist

by Joseph Brody

Owners eagerly wait for house showings since the time they decide to sell their homes. The next step after pricing the house appropriately and marketing it well is getting your house ready for a showing. Once the appointment requests start coming in, you need to make sure that your house looks presentable at all times. To make this happen, you need to thoroughly inspect, check and clean your house. You also need to make sure that your house has minimal clutter and everything is kept in an organized manner.

You need to make sure that the home buyers are well engaged with they are visiting your home. One way you can make a comfortable environment for them is by having your home well aired and lit. Open up all the windows (depending upon the weather) and position all the coverings to show maximum sunlight. Make sure that your house is not dark as it will create a gloomy and depressed environment.

During the times when you're forced to keep all your windows shut, make sure the air inside is clean and fresh. Some homeowners will bake cookies to keep that "fresh" air hanging, but if you're not keen on taking it that far, just be sure to wipe out any pet / bathroom odors or smoke.

Having a pet around is highly discouraged. No matter how well behaved they are, or how much the home buyers may love them, it's not a good idea to bring out your pets.

Lastly, if your real estate agent is showing your house to potential buyers, it is advisable to be away from your home during that time. Home buyers might feel conscious having the owners around for a showing.

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