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Holidays In Cyprus: Find Your Dream Getaway

Holidays In Cyprus: Find Your Dream Getaway


Holidays In Cyprus: Find Your Dream Getaway

by Simon Coull

There are many places that you could choose to visit for a vacation; however, the small Mediterranean island of Cyprus offers something for everyone and is a dream destination that you will love. Travel to this place that is full of exciting destinations and beautiful retreats. You can walk the miles of sandy beaches or explore historic attractions. Each section of this island has its own unique villages, cities, and resorts. Spending holidays in Cyprus can be whatever you want it to be; simple, relaxing, full of activity, or luxurious.

Perhaps you are looking into a romantic getaway for you and your special someone. Cyprus is a romantic place that will offer the perfect setting for this type of vacation. The Annabelle Hotel is renowned for its luxurious beauty. This hotel is located seaside and every room features a balcony view. There are three unique restaurants within the resort, each offering up their own unique cuisine. You can also take advantage of the spa and pools at the hotel.

For families, Cyprus can be a delightful tropical wonder with lots of fun activities to enjoy. There are several resorts that are tailored more toward families and family activities. The beach itself is a delightful place for children and adults alike with many water sports available to participate in. There is also a theme park at Avia Napa, with its water bark being a favorite among families, young and old alike.

If you love nature and flowers, you will want to stop and see some of the Northern Cyprus flower fields. This area is world-renowned for its abundance of rare and spectacular flowers. The orchids there are especially breathtaking.

With nearly perfect temperatures and sunny weather for most of the year at Cyprus you will have no excuse not to enjoy yourself on the island. Some with ill health travel there often and boast its healing powers.

Whether you are seeking an exciting family getaway or a luxurious romantic retreat, you will be enchanted with the uniqueness of this island and all it has to offer. Many who visit here return for the experience again and again!

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