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Help In Winning The Battle With Cystic Acne

Help In Winning The Battle With Cystic Acne


Help In Winning The Battle With Cystic Acne

by Hari Merson

Nodulocystic acne, most often simply called cystic acne it a type of the problem that causes masses that are often large and hard and sometimes filled with liquid. This kind of acne may form in many places on the body, but is most often found on the face. If you suffer from cystic acne, you need to use some special treatments. Use of these products can often lessen the appearance of acne cysts.

One key to treating cystic acne is to use gentle cleansers which are specially formulated for sensitive skin. Since cystic acne is inflammatory, the use of harsh cleansers can accentuate the problem. Instead, choose cleansers which have been made without the use of perfumes or harsh chemicals. Those chemicals can cause the skin to be irritated and overly dry. Instead choose a cleanser that is gentle and all natural if possible.

Scrubbing the skin or using abrasive cleaners on the face should be avoided. Skin that is stripped of all its moisture can become even more irritated. Gently lathering the face and then rinsing the soap off the face is the most effective way of cleaning the face.

Treatment of cystic acne requires the use of medication. The most effective medication for this condition is a mild benzoyl peroxide cream. These creams are available over the counter without prescriptions.

The medication should be used in its lowest available strength, 2. 5 percent. Do not use the stronger solutions as they can cause further inflammation of this type of acne. Higher strengths can actually cause a chemical burn on the skin. In addition the product can cause the skin to become too dry and flaky. The cream should be massaged into the skin gently using the fingertips only. It needs to be spread around until it dries on the skin.

Your final step will be to moisturize the skin. Do not skip this step. While you may fear that moisturizing will cause more problems with your acne, it actually speeds healing. Be sure that you have a fragrance free, oil free moisturizer. This will help to reverse the excessive drying caused by even the mildest of the benzoyl peroxide creams. A dime sized amount of moisturizer should be applied to the skin after each benzoyl peroxide treatment. This will lower the chances of irritating the skin and keep your skin soft.

While getting rid of acne is a difficult job, using the correct procedure can help.

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