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Healthy Snack Food- Your Gateway To Healthy Life And Fit Body

Healthy Snack Food- Your Gateway To Healthy Life And Fit Body


Healthy Snack Food- Your Gateway To Healthy Life And Fit Body

by Trevor Johnson

Have you ever had to resist the temptation of chips and dip and choose celery instead? Celery snacks are only one kind of healthy snack food you can find on the market. You can even make healthy food snacks at home.

Its good effect on human health has been tested and confirmed. And you may need to know that healthy snacks are extremely good for children. Eating healthy snacks is a great way to keep your children away from harmful junk food.

We often eat several meals a day. But have you ever thought that this is the reason why our weight just increase and increase? Of course, we can not restrict ourselves to three meals a day if eating so makes us feel extremely hungry and exhausted. Before you can change your eating habit, you have to be sure to provide your body with good nutrients. Eating low fat foods is surely capable of doing the job. Low fat foods are a great source of protein and carbohydrates which are the two most important elements of every meal.

The next step is to replace sweet sugary snacks with fresh fruit. Fresh fruit is a good source of natural sugar, vitamin and fiber. If you think you still need something sweet, you may try putting dark chocolate into the fruit. Dark chocolate is in fact very good for your heart. Or you can try low fat yogurt which is extremely healthy.

You can now begin another step which is to replace crunchy snacks with some kinds of crackers. These crackers must be low fat and you may also eat no-salt pretzels as well. To make the food a little more delicious, you can add a slice of low fat cheese. By doing this, you will make the food taste like French fries. This is a way to cope with your love for French fries

Now that you have changed your food, it is time to change your drink. Replace high calorie soda with a self-concocted mixture which tastes just the same. You will make this mixture by adding fruit slice and sugar to ice water. Be sure not to use more than one teaspoon of sugar. If you want to purchase fruit juices from the supermarket, you have to look at the label carefully to be sure that the juices contain low sugar or no sugar at all.

Eating healthy snack food will surely keep you fit and healthy. WE have seen an obesity phenomenon in this century and we all hope we can avoid it or get out of it. By eating healthy snacks, we will be able to do that.

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